Vocaloid Signatures

So, if you want to know what I’ve been doing for the past few days, it’s trying to get these done. Yes, I know I only got a few done and they don’t even look that great, but this was my own, hard effort! Anyways, the reason all of them say ‘Do not Rip’ is because I’ve had people steal my work before, and it seriously ticks me off. Those are just there for precautionary reasons. You’re free to use them though, as long as you don’t claim any ownership to them. Anyways, if you like them, feel free to comment and I could try and make some more! Yes, I know they’re a little eye boggling…oh well…On a side note, I’m also open to some suggestions, but don’t expect me to get them on daily! I get tired of GFX after 5 signatures or so…:P


16 responses to “Vocaloid Signatures

  1. Rochelle,

    The “Do Not Rip” thing kind of ruined the effect that you made with the signatures……………………………………..

    Other than that, it was pretty good.

  2. I told you that it’s there so people don’t steal it Angie. Besides, it’s not like they’re super big and super distracting, right?

  3. Okay, here we go. Get ready for the wall.

    First off in general, your choices in images are pretty good, but you really need to do something about your text. Just, take off the “Do Not Rip” thing. It’s not needed, your words are there to back up that you do not want it ripped but that won’t truly stop people from being faggots who rip things. Trust me, you’re not the only one who’s had things ripped. I’ve had people flat out lie straight to my face on sites where I’m very well known for my gfx, so yeah… people are going to be idiots. Just kinda deal with it. That and the whole Do not rip thing just makes the desire to actually use the sigs very low. I’m probably not the only one who feels that way, but probably the only one who’s gonna just flat out say take it off. There’s alternatives to deal with not ripping things.
    Second, why do all the sigs say Rena? If that’s your handle, that’s fine, but if your sigs are intended for others to use, you should probably leave your handle off. For instance, I only put the name “Violent Incantation” when I know the sig is meant for myself personally. If you want to watermark it, I suggest lowering the opacity of your name so it doesn’t feel so … out in the open. Plus people aren’t going to go through the trouble to unwatermark your name if they can already sig… as for people who don’t, well, you’ll be able to tell.

    Alright, onto individual sigs, by order I just happened to see them in… they seem to rotate anytime I look back here.

    Kaito sig – First off I think your positioning of the image here is good, and your cropping is pretty alright, but you should really do something about the purple in this image. It just kinda disrupts the effects you already have on the image and really messes with the color harmony. If taking purple away looks too awkward, then at least tone the purple down. Second, there is this… strange part of the effect that just looks weird, somewhere near his chest… I can’t say I know what you did there, but I’d consider masking over it with another color if it’s part of the textures. Also, mind I ask why the black boxes are there? They really take away from the sig, as they don’t really need to be there.
    Another thing I noticed right away is that, Kaito is really bright in here. Like t he saturation was put way too up. IMO, you should really tone this down as well, or balance it a bit more… That, and the background of the sig feels a bit… empty…

    Teto Sig – I’m kind of having difficulty understanding why Teto is in a group of Vocaloid sigs, as she is an Utauloid, but that’s really far from the critique you need. First off, I would like to say one thing: Your positioning on this image is pretty good. I think you should do positioning like this a bit more, as it makes your sig feel less empty and more… filled… for lack of better words.
    However, one of the things I will say again is that you kinda need to adjust your texture layers. It’s kinda over her face, and gives her the illusion of being bruised. I’m sure that many people do not like an abused Teto, so that should most definitely be fixed. The background in here also looks better than the previous one as it’s got things going on in it. Looks like you were going for the abstract feel in the background. However, one thing I must say is: Due to that feel, the boxes you are using in this one kinda clash with the feel you’re trying to go for, seeing they’re up above Teto. They’re also way too bright and take away from the sig as the sig is already pretty bright. I suggest toning them down and either grouping them closer together, putting more of them, to give the full effect, or just removing them all together… 3 different options on how to do them.

    Vocaloid Sig – The cropping on this one isn’t bad, but once again, boxes just don’t go with it. Also in some areas it is waaaaaaaaaaay too dark. That can easily be adjusted though. Also, just a personal thing here, but I would seriously consider moving Miku, Gumi & Luka to the middle area and just taking out Rin and Len as they’re kinda treated like the background. I mean it kinda poses the question “Why are they there in the first place?” That, and your texturing/effects on the former 3 look good but they really clash with the background. Also blank background again, this time black though… baw.

    Luka Sig – Okay, this might sound really harsh but… it feels like this is just kinda a repeat of the last 3 sigs but not as good. First off, you really REALLY need to tone it down with the render. It looks like you did 2 or 3 layers of overlay or vivid light and then sharpened them and then slapped a really minor effect on her and left the rest open. Also her positioning is just… really bad. With an image like that you can do a lot with it. You can turn her on her side and crop and make the whole sig of her lying there, among other things… Also really blank background.
    I’ve also kinda noticed this on your other sigs, but it is the most prominent on this one: THE TEXT. First of all… all of your sigs use the same text, bright colors, some outerglow, and are placed oddly. I’mma just say it flat out: STOP DOING THAT NOW IT IS JUST NOT GOOD FOR SIGS. Placing your text in the corner of a sig is the WORST thing you can do. And outerglow should be used in severe moderation. Another thing is: not all fonts fit your sig. Play with your text and play with it a lot before you set it. It should not be a last resort thing or “only a watermark.” In all honesty, watermarking RUINS a sig 99.9% of the time, and it really just isn’t working here. Also you really need to pay attention to your font choice colors. You shouldn’t be picking a random color if you want colored text, you should be using your eyedropper and picking a color from within your sig and using that. Also white text usually looks best, but on a sig that is like 70% white, you kind of need the color… Also, NO CORNER NO NO NO. Look at how I position my text on my sigs: I kinda make it part of the sig, not something that’s just tossed aside and forgotten about. If your text is meant to look like it should be ignored, then nobody’s going to read it. I realize in this case you want it to be ignored but… still not good for sig.

    Rin Len sig – This one is probably your best in my opinion. Your effect works well for them, but you should still tone down the yellows a bit, so you can see their faces better. That and take off the text and boxes and you’re good to go on this.

    Gumi Sig – Okay, another one where your render is tucked away. No more of that. No. More. This time you have an effect in the background. Good. Problem is, your effect looks like brush spam, and lacks flow and just does not blend with your render. Then you have the boxes. Do away with them. I would also consider scaling your render a bit better or using something of higher quality as she looks blurry and artifacty. Also try to use tones from within the render when sigging when it comes to sigs like these.

    Miku Mikuo sig – This feels like the first sig way too much, which makes me feel that you really need to change your sigs up a bit. That and, you really need to ease up on the color. Not something I say often as I like lol color but yeah… I really feel like you should ease up on it as their hair should be aqua. I mean if it wasn’t for the title of the sig I would think this is Kaito and some… Female looking Kaito with Miku’s features… One thing I will say though is that the effect you have going around the render is a good idea. It just needs to be lightened up a bit. Also THOSE BOXES.

    Overall again – Ditch the text and boxes, work on your coloring, and blend your textures a bit more. Also this reminds me that I really need to do a cropping and placing tutorial, seeing you’re not the only one I’ve seen that is having issues with it…

    • Wow, thanks for the advice! Yes, I think I will try to change up the stuff and get better at attempting to blend, crop and all that other stuff. I’ve only been with GFX for like, 3 months so I’m not the greatest for sure…but really, thank you so much for the advice! [The sometimes odd colors are due to me messing around with color balance and curves on Gimp. I probably shouldn’t have done that]

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