Winamp Skin: Black Matagi

Usually, I don’t do skins with color distorted characters. However, I made an exception on this one since it actually makes the skin looks better. This is a request from Nagato Hikari for a Black Matagi Winamp skin. Nothing more to add by me other than enjoy this skin.

Skin Name: Black Matagi

File Size: 1.21 MB

Color Theme: Black


Note: Installation and usage of this skin can be observed on the Winamp section. Happy downloading!


7 responses to “Winamp Skin: Black Matagi

  1. Well, I use the tutorial provided by Winamp so I don’t know if producing another Winamp tutorial would be useful. You just have to read from there.

  2. just give some idea,
    can u remix hatsune miku skin (
    just for the playlist style.
    just add cover art for the song in playlist window.
    something like this :
    bcoz nowdays mostly mp3 have cover art.
    i like to display the song cover art while play in winamp.
    just like itunes.

    btw, the main window for miku skin are really really nice !

    hope u consider it.


    **winamp skin from gaia10 :

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