Doujin Game: Maristice

Ugaa, I fell asleep waiting for Sou-chan to finish his upload for this game. This is another Touhou game featuring Marisa Kirisame trying to retrieve her broom from the Scarlet Devil Mansion. This game resembles a lot like Zelda where you go from room to room to solve puzzle and stuff.

At first, maybe it’s hard to control the direction to which Marisa is moving, but once you get used to it I guess it will be a piece of cake for you.

According to Sou-chan, the download link has already been patched with the English patch and you just have to click on Maristice_e.exe to play the English translated version. However, I just give you the link to the English patch just in case you need it.

And did I greet our newest author, Violent Incantation? I’m a little bit hazy on the memory since I just woke up. But if I haven’t, please to have you here, Vi-san.

Download Link:

English Patch:


3 responses to “Doujin Game: Maristice

  1. A rather fun game. I’ve had it for a while now and finished twice. First for the story, then for a 100% run. It plays more like the NES classic Solstice than any zelda game, as the title Maristice implies.

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