[Graphics] Experimental Sig Batch

 No old things, nope only new things for you guys. Sure you are sick of this trollzama icon errywhere yet? BTW, you guys can request things. Not that you want them.

Dunno what to say about these sigs. Pure experimental. PSDs will be given. Hope you like. Colors colors everywhere. Commentary on sigs because it would look weird here. Man I am like wat right now. Sigs beneath the cut.

Irrelevant space taking image so this does not feel empty:

Sig 1: Cancer-chan

Friend from DS (Bard Hoss) drew Utsuho. I was bored and on Livestream again, and I had nothing to sig so this monstrosity was born. Pure joke. Do not do sigs like this. It is bad.
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?ibbqiyx3826v0y8

Sig 2: Guy

Tried doing mostly c4d sig. I failed hard. HEAR MY CREYS.
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?950kbg0gcdry2a8

Sig 3: Hazama

Not sure if want to share psd. Took a lot of work and it’s the one that I might kill people over ripping aside from Battler and that Asch one I did where I just happened to lose the psd anyways… Oh wells. Creys if it is ripped ;_;

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?i46121rtw9epcnj
I need sleep now kbye. 5am wow.


7 responses to “[Graphics] Experimental Sig Batch

  1. Wow that animated sig looks cool *w* The other ones too, of course <3
    We can request animated sig too? You draw them or just making animated from pictures? *just curious*

    If you draw them I would be happy to request one x3

    • The animated image isn’t a sig. It can be used as one technically, but it’s not a sig, and it’s not done by me. Sprites are ripped right out of Blazblue. Because trollzama.

      Also, I don’t do animated things. Animated + Sig looks extremely tacky (I mean with in the center of a photoshopped sig)

      Oh yeah and I don’t draw all these images… Regardless you’re free to request a sig as long as you keep in mind the rules.

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