Cosplay : VOCALOID – 鋼音ミク(Hagane Miku)

I wonder should i start introducing artist to everyone?
I have currently listed 124[updated last year] Deviantart Artist and i bet i have more now.
And countless Pixiv artist with very splendid art work that i wish to share with everyone!!
So… I just want to hear the opinion that do you guys want me to introduce them to you all? [Hopefully i will get respond! >.<!]

Back to topic , its been long since i’ve made a Cosplay post, so i’ll be featuring Hagane Miku today.

I really love Hagane Miku’s chracter design although i’m not really sure myself why does she have 2 different looks.

It’s very hard to choose but i do prefer her sliver hair over her pink hair version mostly because i prefer a more detailed and darker design >.<

When i 1st saw the Silver hair version , the 1st thing that came to my mind was “PVC cloths!!!”
And the Reaction for the Pink hair one was “Tattoo!!”
Hahas…But to those cosplay who can make these costume from scratch… I really envy their tailor and resourcing skill.

Anyways, enjoy :)

        香坂麻依                  椿鬼ぽ                 桃生みやび          コバヤカワサイコ

   コバヤカワサイコ               空汰                     咲良葵                      莢嘉

          みいこ            Astellecia/Skye               由貴                    蒼崎


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