Random Wallpaper Pack

 Sorry I’ve posted a whole lot of  nothing recently. Been somewhat busy between Deathly Hallows, spamming Doujinstyle, cleaning my computer, Xbox live, and making a new website (the preview of which you can see here: http://pandemonium.elementfx.com/)

Anyways, that’s not really why I’m here right now. A while ago I said I’d gather my things and make a wallpaper pack. Well fret not, I have them for you. And fret not, this wallpaper pack is Hazama free for all of you guys who are sick of “Hazama goes in every field.” Do keep in mind though, since this is my personal wallpaper pack, not wallpapers I’ve made, none of them are cropped or altered in any ways, and they’re all miscellaneous sizes. Also I’d like to note that most of these fit the anime & video game type themes rather than my pack of non-anime things. So you won’t have to deal with Flogs of Halo, Half-Life, and Harry Potter related things (though who wouldn’t want a snazzy wall of Bellatrix Lestrange?), though I think theres an L4D one in here as well as a Deadmau5 one…

Anyways, a few samples for you:
Yuri Lowell – Tales of Vesperia, Standard Screen:

Hatsune Miku – ‘Hope’ design by Meola, Standard Screen:

Download Here: http://www.mediafire.com/?si3tamvwoi0zp1n

Also, just out of curiousity, who did see Deathly Hallows Pt2?

Edit: BTW I deleted the psds off of my mediafire to my Hazama sigs because I rather enjoy hogging them to myself.


10 responses to “Random Wallpaper Pack

  1. Let me reword that question of yours: “who didn’t see Deathly Hallows Pt2?” :P
    The only irk I had with it were the changes they made.
    And the fact that they didn’t show Harry’s patronus. -_-

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