BRS Image Pack

I did’t have much time today , or rather i don’t feel well to use the computer today, but i though i should present to you another Image Pack.
And i noticed again , there is always a certain troll that will come in once in a while and thumbs down every post one time and leave. LoLz?
I’ve also learnt that there is acturally text colors just today. -smack self- 

I hook all the photos off a torrent i’ve downloaded last few month , but the torrent was so big that i have to split into different pac k for everyone [ Should take up to around 3~4 Image Pack ]
Well… i’ll announce 1st that this pack contain solely of Black Rock Shooter herself only, all the other character are in different folders so i’ll add them in next time to prevent duplicated image. :(~ [Can’t wait for Black Gold Saw]
But after these packs are done, i’ll have my own collection too , the only thing is that i’m not sure if there will be duplicated image anymore since the color theme of BRS are roughly the same.

Another matter is that I want you guys to Suggest Image Packs [e.g Megane Girls , Pokemon , Blazblue etc.] but its all up to you guys to drop me a suggestion since I always don’t get reply  most of the time > _ > …. -sigh-

Next Image Pack : Puella Magi Madoka★Magica Image Pack

Download Link[250Image] :


*All Rightful Credits goes to their original artist.
I only take Credits for compiling this Image Pack for everyone to enjoy


8 responses to “BRS Image Pack

  1. oh oh! a pokemon image pack would be amazing! sorry, im a total nerd. and all of us fans love your posts, dont worry!

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