Doujin Game: Oreyome Taiken

This is a beat’em up style of game that combines many popular female characters from popular anime. You can choose between a roster of Shana, Haruhi, Hiiragi, Yoko, Miku, and other characters.

Each character has their own attack move and special move extending from close to long range attack. Also, unlike other ordinary beat’em up game, Oreyome Taiken employs leveling system as gold system for you to buy equipment and accessories to enhance your stats much like Ragnarok online which coincidentally a lot of the enemies come from Ragnarok Online.

Too bad there is no English patch for this game, but information which is crucial is kept in English such as stats information. Also, I can’t find any video of it on Youtube so I hope screenshot will be sufficient for you.

Download Link:


10 responses to “Doujin Game: Oreyome Taiken

  1. I’ve tried this game and the characters available are the ones in the picture, so I don’t know if that is the full list of characters or not. As for the English patch, read the goddamn post.

  2. Awesome game. but I can’t get it to work…after the character creation screen, it will go back to the main screen no matter what I do T_T;;

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