GUMI Extend: Demo song

For the ones, who never listened to GUMI Extend, here is the song Instellar Flight. In this demo song all the GUMI Extend voices (ORIGINAL, POWER, WHISPER, SWEET, ADULT) will be played. On GUMI’s second birthday, NicoNama revealed this live. Her voice provider is Megumi Nakajima. They are still playing with her voice, so it will change some bit! The new Extend will add another vocal expression to the original voice bank. GUMI has another breathe sound and  her pronunciations will improve & become clearer. GUMI Extend will have the same properties as the Crypton Vocaloid Appends. The voicebank will be released for Vocaloid 2 but it will get a Vocaloid 3 version when it is released!

I love her Power Version! It’s ever better than Miku, Rin & Len Append! (Mm, maybe almost better than Rin & Len ^3^/) I can’t wait for more full GUMI Extend songs!


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