Stupid Comment: Miniscule Embezzlement is Forgivable

Meet one of many stupid people in my country, Indonesia. This guy’s name is Faried Harianto, the head of office of the high prosecutor general for East Borneo. On July 19th 2011, Faried Harianto gave a speech on “How to Eliminate Corruption” to a lot of officers.

And during his speech he uttered “Officers need to be smart so not to be caught. I’m not saying I approve corruption, but you have to be smart. The law has to be wise to let go a miniscule scale of corruption. A little mark up on the budget is understandable”.

He also said that arresting people who did a little bit of embezzlement is not worth it, “We have bigger fish to fry…” said Faried Harianto.

Okay, first off, really? The head of office of the high prosecutor general say something so shameful when he should discourage people from doing embezzlement in any level? I wonder if he himself is involved in somekind of embezzlement project.

This guy is a shame of the law when all the nation demands that corruption be eliminated in the government. Now, he is saying that it’s okay if you embezzled little and be smart as not to be caught. By the way, isn’t that how large scale embezzlement occurs? You start little and you get greedy and eventually you embezzled by the trillions.

I don’t get what’s in this guy’s head. Embezzlement is an outlaw conduct and shall not be tolerated no matter what amount you are actually embezzling. His statement does not discourage people from doing embezzlement, it’s an embrace of outlaw conduct and it is a very shameful statement coming from a person who should uphold the law in the very high place. Shame on you, Sir!

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Faried Harianto, SH


2 responses to “Stupid Comment: Miniscule Embezzlement is Forgivable

  1. I thought that he was gonna eliminate corruption, but instead he encourage people to do it as long as they don’t get caught. Absurd man. This is what happened when you allowed kids to cheat on their exams. Gosh, I just can’t believe that he encouraged corruption in the middle of a “How to eliminate corruption” speech.

  2. It’s like the police says to a murderer “You can kill people, as long as you don’t get caught”. Pretty funny isn’t it?
    And when he did get caught, they forgive him cause he said “I’ve only killed a fraction from the total of the whole world’s population, I didn’t do something that could even affect the world like those terrorist did, so why I do have to go to prison?”. And then many people will follow what he did.
    That goes the same with corruption.

    My summary is, I don’t give a damn thing if it’s a small crime or a big crime, a crime is a crime no matter how you put.
    One more thing, at first maybe miniscule embezzlement doesn’t give a sudden affect like the those big scale corruption, but hey, these little corruptions are the ones that are affecting Indonesia’s economy little by little.

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