Game Nostalgia: Psychic Force

I’m going to start a new corner for TRT and going to call it Game Nostalgia. It’s basically going to be about old games that I have encountered in my early life and try to shed some light to them and this will be only limited to the games that I have played. Other Authors may join in the fun if they have some games that they want to show off in TRT. So here goes the 1st one.

Psychic Force

It is the year 2010, and the world is in chaos, particularly for Psychiccers. Humans see them as a threat and go all out to terminate them.  In order to protect themselves, Keith Evans, with the help of Richard Wong, formed a Psychiccer fortress/group called Noa.  With Noa, Psychiccers are rescued from their torturous lives under humans, but at the same time, they start to present themselves as an obvious threat. By forming Noa, they are sending themselves to a war against humans.

Keith wanted to build a Psychiccer Utopia – a world where Psychiccers are safe from all humans, and if needed, are able to defend themselves against humans.  He strongly believes that due to the empathic abilities of Psychiccers (Psychiccers can read/feel another Psychiccer’s mind), Humans can never live in harmony with Psychiccers.
Burn, who have helped Keith in the past and one of his friend, thinks it is a foolish dream –  a Psychiccer Utopia does not exist; true peace only exist if Psychiccers and Humans are able to co-exist.  The forming of Noa to him, is a declaration of war against Humans, thus will lead to much bloodshed between both parties.  With this belief that war is bad, Burn, with his awakened psychic ability – Flame, will ‘cleanse’ the world.

In the final battle at NOA HQ, Burn battles Keith to determine the fate of humans and Psychiccers , but their battle is interrupted by Wong betraying Keith and triggering the self-destruct for the NOA HQ. Keith traps Burn in a cocoon of ice, leaving him as the only survivor.

Psychic Force 2

In year 2012, Keith who also survived rebuilds NOA as Neo NOA and keeps on trying to fulfill his previous goal to build peaceful world for united Psychics. Richard Wong creates his own Army of Psychics to destroy Neo Noa and humans alike. There is also a “Third Force” of Psychics who seek their friends and family, or hunt down members of Neo Noa and Army to find the truth.

To complicate the battle between factions, Might a Psychiccer Hunter was sent from the future and his objective is to kill all Psychiccers. It was then revealed that future Wong sent him back to 2012 with that objective.

Each character has their own unique story and destiny that revolves around the fight between Neo NOA and The Army.

Wendy who fights to get her friend Emilio back from the influence of The Army, Patty who fights to search clues for her lost mother and Genshin the oldest psychiccer alive who fights to save Shiori from the clutches of Richard Wong, and in the midst of battle Burn awakes from his cold slumber.


Psychic Force is a fighting game where both fighters fight in a cube and player can control them in to every direction. The Fighters float in mid-air and fights with their own special psychic powers. Well, it’s better to see it yourself.

Overall Summary

Psychic Force is a unique fighting game unlike any other fighting game, and it’s supported by the characters and their own story. The story plot can really jerk the heart with the development of the characters, especially when you find out Might’s true identity. For an old game it’s a solid game and if you have time please play it.

Videos and Music download Links

Psychic Force 2 OP   Psychic Force 2 ED


5 responses to “Game Nostalgia: Psychic Force

    • Lol probably, but I have to try all the Tonshinden series first, The one we played back then was the 4th.

      It’s going to feel half-assed if I only do Tonshinden Subaru, because Eiji, Subaru’s brother has been in the series from the 1st game.

  1. Dude, awesome corner!

    I’m so gonna join this man – I still own my Ps1 too!
    (Well, it’s my dad’s really, but I got it from him when I was a kid.)
    Heck, it’s like, sitting in my room on top of my mini tv ever since summer vacation (and yea, I still play it once in a while). So, uhh, don’t mind if I join in right?
    *turns around and powers up Ps1 and tv playing Syphon Filter*

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