[Graphics] Some 200×200 icons

 Yup I haven’t posted much of anything in a short while. Been kind of distracted somewhere between programming and Blazblue. Really… I ought to… not play that as often, it’s really addicting. In fact… I think I have a problem…

Regardless, here we go. Here’s a small batch of 200 x200 icon in size, 3 of them originally requested by Dainc. The others I just made cause I had the images lying around and I figured I’d batch them all together. Please don’t resize them is all I ask lol.

Not bothering to hide em. Here’s all 10:


Curtains in dedication to Shangmal. Also for some reason I was screwing around with one of the Sanaes and I accidentally deleted a layer… and it created this monstrosity:


View at your own risk. Also you can be happy, there’s no Hazama.


24 responses to “[Graphics] Some 200×200 icons

  1. Dude, you are the most awesome person. Ever. Seriously.
    These are just too good.

    Also….why can I not take my eyes off OHMYGOD.jpg…I don’t even

  2. i would add ya but i dont have a 360
    doubt i will anytime soon as well xP
    i still havnt added you on msn though owo)/

      • …lol…
        i quite like halo
        played a few games with my friends
        got owned
        but it was fun
        especially the Rocket Launcher-Only games we played xP

      • Ahh Halo… They’re doing an anniversary remake. Which ofc I preordered.

        But until that comes out Imma abuse by CS. I rather rather raaaaaaaaather enjoy it.

        And I will do the best cosplay ever to stalk my Reimu friend.

  3. ahh they are?
    well i’m not going to be able to get it anyways
    so tell me if its any good
    i’m looking forward to this owo)/

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