[Graphics] Wallpaper 025 & 026

 So I herd u gaise miss my Trollzama spam

Very seldom do I ever make wallpapers. I really only make em when I’m in need… and I was really getting sick of my old wallpaper… so I ended up making one. It’s one of the only 2 that I’ve made that I have on my computer, so yeah… be careful before you ask for the others… They’re not as “good” as this one. And by good I mean all I did was resize my image and throw some filters on.

Wallpaper I did tonight was 026, but since I have 025 on my HDD, you can have that as well… I believe my 024 was good, but I’d have to find it again… Erm I did enough babbling tonight though

025 (which looks like bleaugh):

026 Fullscreen:

Widescreen ver:


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