Cosplayer of the Day: コノミアキラ 【AKIRA】

How long has it been since i last did a post … mmm ;x…

AKIRA how many of you know her? :)
She had won quite a number of contest and competed in WCS twice and was also featured in OTACOOL 2 !
My favorite of her cosplays are her Sheryl Nome(s)~ And I really like her background edited photos!~
Do check her out~ ^ ^

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For those who arent sure which character is she cosplaying in the multiple shoots,
here’s the list [from 8th Photo onwards]:

Durarara!! – Shizuo Heiwajima
VOCALOID2 – Gakupo
Code Geass  – Suzaku Kururugi
ONE PIECE – Monkey D.Luffy
ZONE-00 – Bisyamon
Hakuouki – Haijime Saito
K-on!! Yui Hirasawa
Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Homura Akemi


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