[Graphics] Miku Sigs

 I made a new one last night and well, I dunno why…

Anyways I thought I’d share my Miku sigs. Only one has a PSD, but it’ll be available to download via my site fairly soon. (assuming I stop being lazy and post it)

I might do a tutorial on how to get the effects of one of them. Really depends…

Posting top one here, others under the cut. Yup.

Miku 2:

That ones a gift, putting it though I’d appreciate it if you guys don’t really use it lol.

Miku 3:

Did a MAL alternative of it also btw.

Miku 4:

More MAL stuff because lololol MAL

MikuMAL 3:

Only has a MAL ver. Sorry. Just showing off.


Another Miku originally from MAL

Miku 6:

Did it last night, PSD will be put here soon: http://pandemonium.elementfx.com/psd.php

Okay I am going to take a nap now while I let this Hazama shimeji wreak havoc on my desktop goodnight.


14 responses to “[Graphics] Miku Sigs

  1. Nice, especially the 2nd, 3rd and the MAL one ^^

    May I ask how the MAL signature would work? In my signature the titles appear in a list, is there a way to adjust their position so that they appear on those areas below your nickname? (Never played around too much with the settings, the MAL website seems to have a problem updating changes to the signature / list styles >.>)

    • For a MAL sig to work, you have to slice the sig into pieces. Usually you have about 3~5 slices, and the slice with the rows is the background you upload. After that you basically assemble the sig together by putting the images 1 by 1.

      Here’s an example of one of mine, this is the full piece grouped together, no slices

      Basically you want your end result to look like that, you basically split the sig based around the sig area on MAL.
      Here’s the slices for this one:

      Now, slice 3 is what you want as your MAL background. This one’s for 2 rows so adjust your settings so your font works with your current sig and it only holds 2 rows. Here’s the upload from the MAL server of my updates:

      Now basically we gotta assemble the sig with BBCode so that it works.

      The BBCode should look like this (“Enter” to skip to the next line, no spaces between images that are on the same row)
      Row1 (Battler1)
      Row2 (Battler2Battler3Battler4)
      Row3 (Battler5)
      Now in actual BBCode:


      Make sure that the rows that are to be updated are coming from the uploaded sig, not your photobucket or other image host, otherwise you cannot view your updates.

      That should be it.

      • Mind = Blown

        Really, I’d never imagined that those sigs were actually puzzles put together with the magic of html! Very clever too.

        Thanks for the detailed explanation, it was a big help =D

      • No problem. And yeah at first when I learned about it I was like “lol wat?”
        Then I was like “ohhh yeah slice tool.”

        I can make MAL sigs pretty easy though. In fact, I prefer them to sigging other things. If you want I can make you one, but only reason I wanna make one is so that I can tell myself I did something productive today… Cause I didn’t do much.

      • I appreciate the offer but there’s no need :) I’ll try making my own with what I’ve learned from you. Hmm and while I’m at it, maybe it’s time to actually finish my list css xD

        Unproductive day – everyone deserves a rest once in a while ;)

        And thanks again for taking the time to explain it step by step =)

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