Google Chrome Theme: Hazama

It was going to happen whether you liked it or not. Regardless I made this skin because I wanted a skin. I was going to choose something less Moezama but then I realized: I don’t want to extract something that was going to take 500 years… I might make another that is less cutesy later but that really depends on how lazy I decide not to be. And when am I ever not lazy?

Anyways, while I’ve had the background on the new tabs page tested by a few other people (thank yous gaise), I realize the background should work pretty good on most computers. IDK about the toolbar as I aligned the positioning to my computer’s monitor (which is 1280×1024) so yeah, if it doesn’t work… well derp… Also fuck yes blinding colors

Anyways here it is (Ignore my shimeji, it has… issues):

 Skin name: Moezama

File size: 465 kb

Color theme: Lime green


Note: An explanation about how to use this file can be  observed at the Chrome page. Happy downloading!


16 responses to “Google Chrome Theme: Hazama

  1. Vi, please redo your screenshot because there are a lot of chibis which may confuse what is actually the chrome theme itself. Just a warning though, for skins such as Rainmeter, Google Chrome, or Winamp, I will do quality check and if the skins don’t meet the criteria, I will drop the post. This however, made it through…

    • SC edited. At the time my Shimeji didn’t want to die so he just ended up all over the place.

      Although, may I ask what exactly is wrong with the skin for it to get me a slap on the wrist?

    • It’s not wrong, that’s why I said it made it through the quality check. I only warn you that there will be a quality check to make sure the reader get a standard quality of skins from this blog, that’s all.

      And as for this skin, I say good job for making a good one, Vi.

      • (I can’t seem to lern2comment)

        Ahh ty. lol I misunderstood.

        Also I’ll try my hand at more skins. This image though really took some cleaning. :x 5000 hours in mspaint yo.

  2. somebody add mediafire link, i want to download it, that MF link was down
    T^T, well too bad, i need this theme quickly, so cute and cool, and green already

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