Game Nostalgia: Rakugaki Showtime

My 2nd entry about games that I’ve played in my early this time, I’m going talk about Rakugaki Showtime.

Rakugaki Showtime

Rakugaki Showtime is Battle Arena Type of game by Treasure and Enix made for the Playstation(PSX).  The game is all about defeating opponents  by throwing stuff at them or just pummel them to death.  A Mixture of Dodge-ball with Super Smash brothers.


One day, God Hand, the hand of creation decides to make 4 new characters into her world.  Yukiwo, the zealous and cool protagonist. Sasami, the female member and skilled in Kung-fu. Pitan, A cute mischievous monk, who speaks in Kansai accent and Tsubohachi, your stereotype Japanese Drunkard. These 4 new heroes will fight their way against God Hands other creation and in the end try to beat their own creator. A simple but satisfying story, filled with comedic characters and their silly antics.

Game Intro


The game’s actually pretty simple. Run around the square ring, picking up things to throw at your enemies (including other enemies) before they throw them at you. Things include grenades, rockets, boulders, ICBMs, black hole-bombs, and the Smiley Ball. Everything has a different effect when thrown at an enemy (and there are three different ways to throw each thing: normal, fast-ball, and lob), and the smileys get steadily angrier the more you hit enemies with them, until they eventually turn into “Super Smiley Balls” and allow you to pull of a super move. Fortunately, you’ll never run out of things to throw, because God Hand is constantly flying around the ring, drawing more things as fast as you can throw them. You’ll be fighting against silly and bizarre characters including space-dogs who summon UFOs, cute little girls who turn into big ugly women, a kung-fu hawk, a tiny guy with a big sword, and the ubiquitous big purple boss with a red cape.

Gameplay Video

Overall Summary

This is a truly refreshing and simple fighting game, if you like quirky fighting game with unique graphics and characters and simply just want to enjoy yourself, than you need to play this game at least once in your life time. You can buy this game from PSN Japan for just 600 Yen, or if you want a hard copy, you might find some in eBay, FYI this game is SUPER RARE.


-The Rarity of this game is caused by “a mysterious lawsuit that forced most copies of Rakugaki Showtime to be recalled”.

-And Yes, That’s Marina from Nintendo 64 game “Mischief Makers”


2 responses to “Game Nostalgia: Rakugaki Showtime

  1. Ah, I remembered playing this at your house. It’s a fun game but unfortunately I sucked at it. Also, weren’t there a similar game like this but with 3D characters? I forgot the title…

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