Doujin Game: Nyan Cat – Lost in Space

Those who doesn’t know Nyan Cat can be considered as people with no cute and fluffy personality. People should make this cat as an Internet God and we should worship him. If you survived the marathon of Nyan Cat madness and obsessed about this pop-tart-rainbow-farting cat (I know I do…), how about playing Nyan Cat – Lost in Space for some more Nyan Cat addiction?

Nyan Cat – Lost In Space is a flash platform game where you get to control, of course, Nyan Cat. You will be collecting sweets to increase your score and milk to add multipliers to your score while avoiding a number enemies and pit fall which will end the game. Not only that, throughout the stage you will be provided with a lot of power ups which may or may not help you in surviving the stage. And this game is a survival platform so the point of this game is surviving as long as you can with the highest score you can get.

I personally love this game and suddenly the Nyan Cat music sounded so soothing. If you guys decided to play this game, I’m sure you will love it.


13 responses to “Doujin Game: Nyan Cat – Lost in Space

    • Agree, and because memes and the like are shoved down peoples throats, that’s the reason why I expect the people who see Nyan cat more or less not really know about Vocaloids.

      • The reality is that there are 2 versions of this song,one is really song by miku and the other is only Nyan Cat Still,there is a evil version of nyan cat ,he is Tac-9 or Tac Nayn(Nyan cat on backwards) and he to has a song.Check youtube.

  1. the only thing i liked is that it was a cat… in outer space…that’s on crack and milk and cake and candycanes… IT MUST BE CATURDAY!!! XD

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