Doujin Game: Master Burner Climax

If you have already get a hand on Touhou’s 2D shooting game and master the game, it’s time to move to a 3D dimension shooting. In this game, you will be controlling Marisa Kirisame with her rocket-propelled broomstick and make through your way to a 3D surrounding stage. You will be equipped with a machine gun and missiles to destroy everything in sight.

Throughout the stage you can upgrade your weapon or your rocket booster which may help you defeat the stage easier. It is a very good idea to equip yourself with a joystick for this particular game because you will need all the agility you can get from your playing.

Basic control on the keyboard is you use A, S, D, W for your directional move and ←, →, and ↓ for shooting machine gun, missiles, and breaking. If you are still wondering of the graphic quality of this game, just check the video as usual.

Download Link:


One response to “Doujin Game: Master Burner Climax

  1. Hum… The game is good, but there is a method for change the controls ? I can’t play well with that keys…

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