[Graphics] Pokemon Icon Tutorial + PSD

 Quick tutorial as I’ve been at least 99.99% unhelpful and 75% Hazama spam (probably because I been without a computer for a year before this. lol)

Quick unrelated info: My photobucket bandwidth is hiking guys … This isn’t good. Also Cure doesn’t seem to want to give me an account :/ Need cosplay reference images BAD. Creys. Also my cheeks hurt. Gehh.

Anyways, onto the tutorial. This is a quick one so just bare with me. I used this image, you can use whatever you want, doesn’t have to be Ho-oh or pokemon, just whatever.:

Crop the image however you want. I highly suggest focusing on Ho-oh’s body as a whole if you use this image. If you use something else then do whatever. Once you’re done with that let’s move on.

Resize to 100px (or whatever size you want. 100px is what I regularly do.)

Duplicate your base layer. Once you have that set your top to “Soft Light.” This brightens up your image. Now go to filters and use a Gaussian Blur somewhere between 2~5. I used 3.5. You use whatever you feel blends best.

Now to coloring.

Let’s make a HUE/SATURATION Adjustment layer.
My settings:
If you’re using another image, I wouldn’t go above 60 for saturation with a lightness of 20~25 maximum. If you really wanna go brighter go for 75 HIGHEST with a brightness of 30ish.

Next, Color Balance.
Left to right on numbers.
SHADOWS: -41, +16, +26
MIDTONES: +11, +8, -57
HIGHLIGHTS: -16, -12, -7
Use whatever fits your image.

Now, selective color (you might be able to skip this. Only do it if you think the image needs it)
-11, 1, 0, 0

Now I use a texture, set it above all the layers and set to screen, 100:

Just lightly brush out the areas of the texture that clash with the character with a soft brush at extremely low opacity. And there. Ho-Oh icon:

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?z7z2de9omb7pj3a

Also an unrelated note but pretty soon I’m going to remove all the PSDs from my mediafire and back them to my site for download instead.

Please share your result on the tutorial.

BTW Pokemon icon batch is next most likely. Followed by Blazblue. Not sure what to do after that though… suggestion?


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