Morality: Subjective vs Objective

During my day as an atheist, there are those who question me about how I lay upon my moral grounds. What makes me not do anything I want since I don’t have the ultimate punishment to worry about? These people are talking about morality being objective. They believe that a supreme being gives the moral codes to humans and therefore that codes are the ultimate guidance to a perfect life. If you don’t follow this guidance, there shall be hell waiting for you in the end.

However, does it really work that way? Maybe we are confusing ourselves and don’t realize that we are actually the one who are writing those books of guidance. I apparently see morality as a subject of people and time. There is no absolute morality, because what we intrepret as barbaric may not be the same for somebody else. I believe that morality comes from a collective minds, brought up together in a sober discussion since we, humans, are able to do so. And that discussion of over and over again build a society with moral values prior to the discussion we made. I call this the evolution of morality.

And from this discussion, a lot of moral codes are lay upon the society and always developing. That’s why norse religion got extinct because people don’t believe it no more; That’s why there is a need to write the new testament because apparently the old testament seems to be a little bit “barbaric”.

Ultimately, people make ways from religion. We somehow cherrypick the word from the bible to fit in your moral mindset. You don’t expect to kill your neighbour just because he is working during Sabbath, won’t you? Or perhaps you condemn adultery to the point that he/ she is worth hitting with a stone till death? What about gays? Are you condeming them and want to be associated with Westboro Church? If you don’t believe in such morality, then congratulation, you just accept that morality is subject to the beholder.


3 responses to “Morality: Subjective vs Objective

  1. Loved your articles, Lucy. This is quite a good revelation of morality and I totally agree with you. Just to put it out there, I lay my moral ground because I want to be remembered as a good guy when I leave. I think my ultimate eternal life is when people will able to remember my name and the good deeds I have done.

  2. Why I Am Not a Christian and Other Essays on Religion and Related Subjects- Bertrand Russell

    Read it. That is all.

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