Winamp Skin: Flandre Scarlet

Okay, another addition of Touhou Winamp skin series is here and it is in the new skin layout format. It took me one day to complete this skin mostly because I have to do a lot of redesigning and mix-and-matching. Hopefully, this final design is good and boy, do I have been creating a dark red color themed Winamp skin.

Skin Name: Flandre Scarlet

File Size: 666 KB

Color Theme: Red & Black


Note: Installation and usage of this skin can be observed on the Winamp section. Happy downloading!


17 responses to “Winamp Skin: Flandre Scarlet

  1. Finally! I was about to ask for this a while ago but never had to chance to >_< Too busy in IRL :<
    Thanks! :DD

  2. Love it, the only issue I have with it is when I click the next button it doesn’t show the next track’s info (title, artist). I don’t know if I just unticked something in options. OTL

    Aside from that, probably my favorite from all the Winamp skins you’ve posted. Thanks a bunch for this!

    • If you didn’t extract the files directly to the skins folder (ie.: extracted to a folder then moved to skins folder) you may want to double check to see if all the files are there. Not sure if that’s the problem but I often have trouble getting all the files to copy when I’m dealing with winamp or rainmeter skins and this time, some of the files that were left out seemed like they had something to do with advancing to the next song on the playlist.

      As for the skin, I’ve been using the Hatsune Miku one you posted a loooong time ago… until now xD
      You make great winamp skins^^

  3. Crap! D: I accidentally thumbed this down when I meant to thumb it up! This is awesome! DX Ignore the thumb down! :D

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