Cosplay: Sound Horizon – エリーゼ[Elise]

I’m not MIA guys, but I almost did.

I’m also done with my VOCALOID Image pack 2 and will upload it later [pokemon will be delayed]

This is something new for me , but i still know a little about them…
Sound Horizon is getting into me this few days so i decided to share Elise’s cosplay with everyone.

She’s fround Sound Horizon Märchen : 7th Story , there is a live concert for it and i do encourage you guys to watch all Sound Horizon concert althought the 7th story might be a little dark :D


          幻月                     came                       Rifa                      ぬこ館

          こゐと                      柊さ                         正午                       めぇ

          aoi                       吉良                        かぐら                     ぽめ


3 responses to “Cosplay: Sound Horizon – エリーゼ[Elise]

  1. :O so happy to see a fellow SH fan here :3
    Those photos that you posted up here are gorgeous ^_^
    If its possible, can you post more cosplay of SH characters up? Many thanks!

  2. I’m a fan of Sound Horizon and i know that all their music is great but the story is really gothic. An thank for the post.

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