VOCALOID Image Pack 2

Wahahahaa! I’m back home!
I was updating my new posts halfway and i got chased out of my house for study purpose, end up i only posted 1/3 of the topic i wanted to.
This is the 2/3 of the topic i wanna share and the 3/3 post that i’m sharing is the New release Touhou 13:Ten Desire PC Game!! :D ~YAY!~
But!! I’ll post it tmr cause I’m v.tired now…

I’ve prepared another Vocaloid image pack to share and i have lots of new image packs that i wish to make when i think i have enought image. Those include Tiger & Bunny , Ore no Imoto , AnoHana , Original characters etc. so hehes… hope you guys will be excited >.<!

Download Link[473 Image]: http://www.mediafire.com/?b24gtp7zfn4y08n


*All Rightful Credits goes to their original artist.
I only take Credits for compiling this Image Pack for everyone to enjoy


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