[C80] Touhou 13 東方神霊廟 ~ Ten Desires

How’s your Touhou going on guys? :D

The day after the full Touhou 13 is release at Comiket, i went to download it striaght!! ~ZUN ur awesome!!~
I though i should share with you guys so i broke it into a few part and re upload in mediafire for easy download for everyone to play! :D

Touhou 13 東方神霊廟 ~ Ten Desires

Download Links[480MB]: [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]
Join Files : http://www.hjsplit.org/

How to use HJSPLIT?
After downloading, open “hjsplit.exe” and click “Join”,
Clickinput file” and find the file which have “.001” at the back and select it.
Now press “Start” and wait for the joining to be complete.
Note: All parts of the file must be at the same location. 



14 responses to “[C80] Touhou 13 東方神霊廟 ~ Ten Desires

  1. Thanks for sharing, however i’ve already found a few bugs in the game:

    – Spell practice, stage 5 spellcard 1, lunatic. Doesn’t give the correct spellcard, it just gives the normal attack, not her spellcard, making it impossible to unlock overdrive on that card in spell practice.

    – During game mode and spell practice, stage 6, spellcard 1, lunatic: the leftmost and the rightmost of the balls she fires to the bottom of the screen don’t fire their bullets up, and just sit there for the rest of the spellcard. Making for a way easier than intended attack.

    Apart from these bugs the game is very nice, awesome job on the presentation and music score again ZUN!

    ps. How should I report these bugs? I can read and write a little Japanese, but i doubt I can report this accurately with my knowledge of the language. Anyone have any ideas?

  2. I downloaded all the parts and then when I tried to join them, it says the file was not found. I tried using peazip and ur program and it said the same thing. This is wierd…

    • Are all of your files in the same location? o.o
      or maybe u can try 7zip that paul introdution.
      If not…,my friend can’t file them together and i asked him to change to a more simple file name so maybe it helps you too?

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