Doujin Game: Acceleration of SUGURI 2

Acceleration of SUGURI 2 is an aerial stage 2D fighting game which employs a very similar fighting system as Psychic Force (It has an invisible spherical stage boundary to limit your movement). You can choose a pack of fighters which have different ability to help you to defeat your opponent.

Each of the fighter has their combat advantages and you can shoose whether you like to do close quarter combat or long range combat. This game also available in PS3 but for this version, it is a PC game (of course). If you are wondering why I started from the second episode of Acceleration of SUGURI is because the first version is not that good in terms of graphic performance and control response. So, I believe Acceleration of SUGURI 2 will not affect your play if you don’t know the first one.

Unfortunately, there is no English version for this game, but the start menu is in English so I’m sure you can get pass that. Another notice is that this game is packed with .bin file so be sure to visit the Game section if you don’t know how to manage with that file extensions.

Download Link:


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