Doujin Game: Grief Syndrome

For all the Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica fans out there, here is a good game for you to play. Grief Syndrome is a side-scrolling beat’em up type of game. You can choose either Kaname Madoka, Tomoe Mami, Kyouko Sakura, Akemi Homura, or Miki Sayaka throughout the entire play.

Each character has their own ability and attack combos to finish off the enemies and you will work your way up your level so you are stronger to survive the enemy attacks. I personally loved Akemi Homura since you can go nuts with pistols, machine gun, rocket launcer, and grenade (Sou-chan also favourite her since he is a girl with guns nerd :p) but sometime see moves backward when using the machine gune which makes things complicated if you have a stage that has many pitfalls (especially the 3rd stage).

Another unique feature of this game is that you have a Soul Limit which is reduced overtime. If you take damage, the Soul Limit will reduced very fast to heal you up and when you use your special move the Soul Limit also reduced very quickly. Once you are out of Soul Limit you will not be able to continue the game and you will not be able to select the character anymore to fight.

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17 responses to “Doujin Game: Grief Syndrome

  1. Wiki if anyone needs one
    Ending Spoiler warning.

    Just a correction, using special moves “doesn’t decrease your soul limit”, It only shows how many HP that you use to utilize your special move, hence the color is different, Blue. But if you’re damaged when it’s still blue it converts into damage.

    Dead characters affect the ending. and the total of “Laps” in this game is known until today is “458330” Laps.

  2. If you let Sayaka Miki get killed you’ll get a bonus stage.

    Homura is the weakest, Sayaka is the powerhouse, Madoka has the largest health, Mami is a versatile character, and Kyoko is a good-all-rounder.

  3. Ok done a couple lvls and like the game but madoka is so shit its painful. Not only she doesn’t got a standard quik hit (WTF) but she requires time to charge and its just not worth it + its a pain to actually hit something small.

    Personally prefer kyouko the most, her meelee range is pretty big and she got great up and down attacks.

    • Madoka charged shots can take out almost any familiars. She’s not supposed to be used at close range. You don’t send a sniper to the front of the battle.

      Miki is still the best IMO, you just can’t beat speed, and her special flexible.
      Kyouko’s special is just meh compared to all, it would be good if it’s a time-based barrier rather than a hit barrier.

  4. Madoka shit? Sir, you have it all wrong.
    Madoka is pretty easy to get through the first two or three laps with, and her ability to charge her attacks makes her pretty powerful.
    And I don’t get what you mean by her not having a quick attack; she has a standard strong attack (the single large arrow) and a standard quick attack (the “barrage” of arrows).

    IMO Mami is the worst; all she can really do is juggle, everything else is crap. While her special is pretty powerful it turns a lot of the health bar blue.

  5. Awesome its easy to control 2 girls at once, now I’m going to try 3 girls at once. Madoka and Mami are easy to use together, I don’t know about the other girls since I only played Mami, Madoka, then Kyouko so far.

  6. This game should be played with 3 people. That’s when Sayaka becomes useless and Kyouko becomes useful as hell.

    Madoka to kill off boss fast.

    Homura to stop time and let everyone escape. She attacks fast too so she can be used to clear off all the little creepers.

    Kyouko is used to protect the two rangers as they cannot shoot the creepers directly in front of them. (Believe mi, I’ve tried…)

    Kyouko is also good at clearing the creepers and she levels a lot faster than Homura. Madoka will be leveling the slowest in the group but her damage output on bosses is unrivaled.

  7. d3dx9_43.dll is missing? How can fix it? What can I do to run this game? How can I fix it in order to play this game??? Please, someone help me… T_T

  8. d3dx9_43.dll is missing? How can I fix it?? What can i do to run this game?

    Please, someone help me…. @@

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