[Graphics] Orihara Izaya Sig Tutorial

I hadn’t posted anything in a while, so I wrote this. I guess I got lazy. I have a batch of sigs and icons but I’ll post them later, distracted by things.

This tutorial’s based off a sig style I learned from a friend a while back. I modified things here and there to suit my own whims but essentially the credit goes to her. Her link: http://juriesute.deviantart.com/

First grab a rendered image (image with all the background cut out) or render one yourself. This is one of the few instances you cannot skip rendering.

After that make a new document. I use 450×150 but I don’t suggest going over 500×180. Now resize your render and place it in. This is the render I use:

Now personally I suggest you focus on the top half of this render, but you can do pretty  much almost the full render in a sig like this and get away with it. In other cases however, I wouldn’t reccomend it. Remove the credits of the original renderer for the sig. As much as they deserve the credit, you don’t really need to have that in your sig. Position the image about a third away from the right or in the center. For my image, the center works just find so I will be doing that.

Now pick both your foreground and background colors with the eyedropper. We will need those. Make a new layer beneath the image and draw a gradient. I used the reflected one.

Now lets throw in some color adjustment layers. This is for my image.


SHADOWS: +7 -20 +39
MIDTONES: -28 +29 +19
HIGHLIGHTS: -18 +16 +38

INPUNT: 22 1.51 238
OUTPUT: 19 225

Now that coloring’s done, lets make a new layer beneath the render. Grab some swirl brushes. Now grab some circle textures and slap them on. You can also draw your own circles. Erase the parts that overlap the render. They don’t need to overlap in this case. If you’ve drawn the circles than just place 2 or 3 of them behind the render.

Now lets place a few more brushes. Halftone should work, so should vectored shapes. Want things to pop? Pick some other colors off the original render and use brushes in those colors

When you’re done brushing, throw in some text and then that’s it, you’re done.

End Result:

Post yours as well.


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