Happy Birthday Miku!!!!!

In case anyone forget, today is Miku’s Birthday. Huuuh, I can’t really get good post here, since my XP is fried and I can’t make Rainmeter skins anymore. Go to hell XP, I’m changing to Windows 8……..

Well, anyways, let’s wish Miku a happy birthday!

Oh one more thing,

For Vocaloid fans in Indonesia: Is it just me or the symbol on their hats looks like our national emblem?


10 responses to “Happy Birthday Miku!!!!!

  1. Tanjoubi Omedetou, Miku-chan~!!!!! xDDDDD

    Sucks that your XP is fried, though best of luck to you once you get around to Windows 8~! ;D

    • So that’s where it came from, I was surprised when I see this pic, because it had Pancasila’s emblem in it.

  2. Happy birthday Miku!
    (I watched all her Toyota USA Commercials today for this specific reason – can’t call myself a fan if I can’t remember her b-day)

    Oh well, guess you beat me in doing this post. And uh, good job on changing XP too, cause I myself am really starting to hate my own as well.

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