Korean Vocaloid3 ‘SeeU’

I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw this update and then proceeded to nearly faint. Anyways, the new Korean Vocaloid3 has been announced! Here’s the basic information on her:

SeeU – SV01 시유

Age: 17
Height: 159 cm
Weight. 44.5kg
Genre: Kpop, Ballad pop
Range: C3 ~ C5
Tempo: 60~ 170 BPM

I don’t know much about her yet but I would like to say a few things. Her voice is extremely realistic for a Vocaloid, but she does sound a tiny bit like a Korean version of VY1. Her design reminds me a bit of a blonde, grown up Iroha for some reason but I think she will be a hit. Here’s a little demo of her voice!


4 responses to “Korean Vocaloid3 ‘SeeU’

    • That’s right. She has yet to be released because an international search is ongoing for her voice actress. Her name is Aoki Lapis

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