Nice To Meet Everyone

My name is Edward,

I came across this blog one day a while ago and added it to my favorites immediately. Never have I found 1 spot..with just a random assortment of the things I am interested in. In fact this will be the first blog I ever contribute to. I noticed a post talking about kind of running out of space here, so I offered FTP access to Souza so that files could be stored & linked to to a spot offsite with unlimited space. Thought it was the best I could offer, for the only blog I follow.

I am always busy in the summer, which is why I have not posted anything yet. Now that the summer is pretty much over for me, I hope to be more active. My interests include Gaming, Touhou, Anime, Manga, Movies, Tech Based thingies, & My Little Ponies FIM (sadly).


I hope to irregularly post reviews of current shows I am watching, anything neat that comes across my browser, and lots of Touhou related stuff, & Ponies (sadly).


10 responses to “Nice To Meet Everyone

  1. Ah, so it was you who gave us the FTP server. Very nice, it really helps with keeping everything together. I hope to read some of your stuff Edward. Welcome to co-authoring the greatest blog of randomness ever!

  2. Nothing wrong with My Little Ponies. It tends to be more fem oriented but I can respect your likes. For a long time I actually enjoyed Rainbow Brite and actually had watched every movie.

    Now-adays my GF and I just talk about the old toys that we had and played with and enjoy the conversation.

    Thanks for helping out the site, and like you. It’s the only blog I follow.

  3. Welcome to the Crew and thanks for your major contribution (even though I don’t use it lol). Looking forward to your posts. Make sure to post your info in the author page. Don’t worry about “irregular posts”.

    and you should be proud that you watch My Little Ponies. ( I only watched 3 episode though, haven’t continued it)

  4. Nice to meet you Edward-san! Night here, one of your lazy co-authors. Great to have you on this site and hopefully you’ll be active providing us with randomness!

  5. My Little Ponies FIM is amazing, and all my friends watch it with me. Don’t be sad about it, we’re all in high school, but we’re proud to love it.

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