[Graphics] Random Sig Batch 1

 Well I haven’t posted in a while, so I figure I’ll post what I’ve been doing, seeing I’m sure you all missed my GFX.

Gonna make this a really short post because I’m somewhat busy. Finally got around to making a new forum for our XBL BBCS community, which is pretty much MY LIFE at the current moment aside from GFX.

Gonna answer the obvious questions though:

Question 1: I requested something from you and you never gave it
Answer: If I accepted the request, then I most likely replied to you. If I didn’t, then I either ignored you or told you what’s up. For the guy who requested the sig I honestly forgot to email you but said sig is in this batch.

Question 2: Can I use?
Answer: As long as its here for using and doesn’t have a screen name on it, then yes, use it all you like. Don’t claim it, and don’t post it on your personal websites.

Question 3: Can I request?
Answer: At the current moment, NO.

Question 4: Can I request a tutorial based off a certain kind of sig?
Answer:  Depends… If I’ve done a tutorial based off it, no. If not, yes. It’ll have to come later though. Too much on queue.

Here’s a sig. The rest are under the cut.


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