Happy Birthday, Sou-chan!!

Happy birthday to the greatest Senpai that gave a lot of opportunities to other people to share various stuff on this great blog! I remembered that my affection on Vocaloids were once sought by Sou-chan and he gave me the opportunity to share it on his blog. Thanks to him, I feel more appreciated as one of the author of TRT. I also thankful for his continuous support when I felt down in life and he is one of few people that I sought for help when I’m in trouble. He can very cold at times but once you know him, he is a very nice guy and always can be counted on for an honest opinion.

So Sou-chan, thanks for your tireless effort in sharing nice stuff and I’m grateful to be one of the closest side on your blog as a co-author. May your wish come true and you will be granted a happy life in the future. Your kouhai, Sylph…


15 responses to “Happy Birthday, Sou-chan!!

  1. Noo, Sylph-chan beat me in posting this. You are very quick, aren’t you? Anyway, Happy Birthday dearest Kaza-kun! Keep on doing what you do best and as Sylph-chan said, thank you for giving us the opportunity to share things on this blog. Prost!

  2. Happy B-day Kazasou! I hope that you continue to make rainmeters and that you have a good b-day!…(I literally almost cried on that video because i watched clannad before)

  3. Kazasou! Dear me, you are getting older and wiser good sir. You have been such a fantastic blogger and an inspiration to us all. Your talents are many and your friends great. I am glad to blog alongside you. Thanks Kazasou! Happy Birthday!

  4. Awh Guys, thank you very much for this… I wasn’t expecting a post dedicated for my birthday and I especially thankful to Sylph-chan for doing this. Thank you, Guys. And I will try to keep up the good work on this blog.

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