Happy Birthday Souza-san!

Ano…I’m very sorry about not being able to post this earlier. I have only just realized how stressing high school life can be. Anyways, Souza-san, happy birthday from your youngest co-author!

First of all, I must naturally wish you a very happy birthday and hope you have many more to come. Second of all, I want to thank you for allowing me to become a co-author on The Randomness Thing. I’ve never had a place where I could actively share my otaku knowledge and my obsession with anime before, and you’ve provided me-and all the other authors on this blog-a haven for that. It’s been absolutely amazing and beneficial to be able to work with you and each of my other senpais. Third of all, I would like to present you with your birthday present.

As you may know-or maybe not-I do covers of vocaloid and anime songs for fun and post them on youtube. It’s been my tradition to record a song for each of my friends’ birthdays, and Souza-san, you’re no exception. So the song I decided to do is Yume no Tsubasa. A couple months back, I did a duet of the song with Razzyness [another youtube user] but I didn’t like it due to the fact I sound like a 5 year old little girl. I was waiting for the perfect moment to redo this song, and decided that this would be the perfect occassion.

I realize that Yume no Tsubasa is a love song, but I mean this in a friendship like way. It’s also to encourage you onward in the trials that lay ahead. I hope that you’ll excuse me if my voice cracks or if I sound terrible…I honestly tried! Happy Birthday Souza-san!


8 responses to “Happy Birthday Souza-san!

  1. Wow, I’m impressed at your effort here. Yume no Tsubasa is a rather hard song so good job on staying on note there. And thank you to all of you guys for this dedication to share on this blog. I’m proud at you guys who always write tirelessly interesting things that are worth sharing with. Let’s keep up the good work, Guys. You all made me the happiest man in his birthday.

    P.S: And Night, you can’t claim you are the youngest author anymore since that position belongs to Zanafor right now.

    • Oh yeah, true. Oh well, who cares. I’M IN HIGH SCHOOL NOW. Mwahahaha. Though that actually isn’t that great…-____-

      • Don’t worry, Night-chan, you can still be the youngest at heart! I’m only younger by a few months anyway. And I have to agree with you, high school is not that great at all.

  2. Souza-senpai: belated happy birthday!
    I am really sorry, I had been busy for the past few days due to school activities and dance troupe.

    Night-senpai: cool!!! I’m falling in love with you! <3

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