“Yuru Yuri” Review (and Happy Birthday!)

Mina-san, konnichi wa,

Zanafor here, and back with another weekly review! (Yes, I have decided to post a new review every week, but don’t quote me on that.) First, I would like to join in wishing Souza-san a very happy birthday! You’ve been a great inspiration. Keep up the good work with not only this blog, but with being an awesome guy, too!

Now, onto the review!

YuruYuri (ゆるゆり Yuru Yuri) is a manga first published in 2008. The anime, first airing July 2011, is produced by Dogakobo and simulcast with Japan by Crunchyroll.

YuruYuri is cute. There is absolutely no denying that. It’s your average school life anime about a group of girls who start a “Gorakubu” (amusement club) and do a whole lot of nothing. So don’t expect this to be my longest review. However, this show does add a lot of flair that makes it stand out in the genre.

Firstly, I would like to point out how the faces are drawn. If you don’t think these girls are cute, then I need to have a talk with you.

As the title may suggest, this series is chock full of shoujo-ai moments (nothing that would be considered NSFW), most of which happening in the fantasies of the characters. This includes an adorable love triangle, tsunderes, and girls with nosebleeds. Now, when you here shoujo-ai, you may be turned away, but the girl’s love in YuruYuri is executed in a very non-serious way. It is more of a plot device to add immense amounts of cuteness to the show. None of the girls are truly passionate for each other. Of course, this is coming from someone who is a sucker for moe, but I certainly know the difference.

While I could compare this show to other popular titles in the genre, such as K-ON!, it truly is different. Much of the humor is based on character development and interaction with one another – and this isn’t limited to just yuri. There are countless instances where the characters do just what you would expect in a slice of life anime, such as visiting the beach or planning a Christmas party. Of course, none of these events go on without first being sprinkled with moe themes. Also, you may notice that there are many jokes based on the Japanese language. These will range from play on words to gender differences. Some of these can be lost in translation, so a bit of prior knowledge could help to fully understand some jokes.

If you are moe-sensitive, you may want to pass on this series, but if you need a cute show to watch, definitely give YuruYuri a look.


4 responses to ““Yuru Yuri” Review (and Happy Birthday!)

  1. Rawr Ayano X Kyoko all the way

    You forget to mention that fact that Toshino Kyouko effectively makes the anime…….shes by far the most humour inducing and the most amazing character in the anime

  2. @Isai Vieyra To each his own, I suppose! (^_^;)

    @Torrigan You do raise a good point, Kyouko is hilarious. Although my personal favorite character would have to be Chitose; gotta love her crazy fantasizing!

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