Religious People Are Nerds

In the enlightment of my previous post about Moral dilemma of a God, I would like to present you with a super sweet video from CollegeHumor. Now, before you stand up and shout “Hey you are generalizing all the religious people!”, take a second to check out the video to get a clear view of what kind of religious people the video is talking about. Enjoy!


14 responses to “Religious People Are Nerds

  1. Religious people and nerds are willing to kill over the belief that their faction is better than yours. (similar to what was said, couldn’t be bothered to get the full quote)

    Haven’t atheists done the same?

    Also, what about Bronies?!?!?! Friendship is magic, haven’t you heard??? I doubt everypony would do such a thing. Bronies are all for Tolerance and Love, not killing.

    Regardless, may god bless, because I’m Gonna Tolerate & Love The SHIT Outta You. :D

    • What? In what kind of people have you encounter “For atheist!!!!” and murder people? Atheist doesn’t believe in deities, there is nothing to defend against. Please at least state one war that involves a bunch of angry atheists, or your statement is just non-sense.

      • There are no wars and I really can’t point out mass murderers because the underlying facts also include bullying and/or depression (and most of them are targeted wrongfully by overly religious retards). So I respectfully and regretfully withdraw that statement and instead would like to insert this one: You don’t have to be religious to kill someone over a difference of belief, unless your a Brony and it involves ponies…

  2. Then I would say Scientology is the biggest nerds since those guys believe in a science fiction novel and treat it as a religious scripture. Of course, you can kill someone without having to be religious, but never you will when you choose Atheism. There are no books that grant you permission to kill others in any circumstances, and we don’t judge people blindly for their believe unless there is evidence that supports their behavior to do so. In short, Atheism is all about reasoning about what the evidence is telling us, not just blind faith.
    How could you say we bully the overly religious people, when we think that what they are saying is totally incompatible with the reality? Is it wrong for us if I think your statements totally defy all the evidence that is presented? How could you assume someone is intelligent if he say earth was made 6000 years ago when the evidence clearly defy his statements?

    • My real question is, what is wrong with being a “nerd”? Yes a “nerd” is a socially outcast individual, but look at what made them one. 50% their own actions and 50% the actions of others. In essence we are all “nerds” since we greatly enjoy doing something. Being considered a “nerd” should be a badge of honor since said person could be considered somewhat knowledgeable in a field.

    • Of course there is nothing wrong with being a nerd. The video states so. However, if your nerdiness makes you want to kill people, for example in this case, religion, since there has already evidence that religious people did so in the past and the present, maybe you should pick a less intense hobby than religion. And no, nerds are not socially outcast actually. They just grouped with people who has the same hobby as them, much like a normal human being. That’s a bad stereotyping for the term, man.

      • It may state that being a nerd isn’t necessarily a bad thing, the implication still remains.

        I will point out that money and power are very influential things and anyone will do practically anything to obtain them (before you say you won’t I call bs, you never know until you are in that situation. Key reason I didn’t say I wouldn’t). Now I am not trying to give excuses for the people of the past/present and quite frankly, I am no historian, so I will not say what I say is absolutely certain. There is room for being wrong in everything.

        Back to your earlier comment for a sec.
        “How could you assume someone is intelligent if he say earth was made 6000 years ago when the evidence clearly defy his statements?”

        True enough, but like a person’s ability to age paper to fool someone, couldn’t a being on a higher level do the same? But hell, where does it say that it was created 6000 years ago. That is an assumption. Yes a book says that the earth was created in 6 days, but what was a day for said deity. We see a day as 24 hours, but truly a day can be any amount of time. I mean, do you honestly think that just because we see a day as 24hrs that every planet in the universe would have a day of said length. I think not.

        Also, we say the big bang was the start of everything, well what caused the big bang? You could give me a well thought out explanation of it, but I must ask; what created that? What made something so dense appear in an absolute void of nothingness? Just thinking about a possible explanation makes my head spin.

        I will point out one thing though. There is one question no religious person could answer with absolute certainty. It is: Where did said deity(s) come from? Anyone who tries to answer that (except said deity[s]) is full of bullshit.

        One thing I definitely must ask though; were you there? If you were, how did you age so gracefully and what is the meaning of life? Sure scientist have formulas that help them determine the age of everything, but do they truly know. Saying that something is true without being open to other options is complete arrogance. It could be a 0 not a 1, it could be plus not a minus, it could be a cos not a sin. Ever randomly thought about what if right was left and left was right or Bronies ruled the world? (Before you say I am arrogant for believing in God and disagreeing with you, I will point out that there a plenty of explanations for everything.)

      • Have you argue with a creationist before? There are those who said it is in fact 6000 years old, earth time. Heck, they were saying humans and dinosaurs lived together in harmony while the fossil record are against them.
        Of course we haven’t concluded what caused big bang. A research of anti-matter is on the way to proof the creation of particles so we will see when it happens.
        However, that’s not the point. You are entitle to believing in God or having an opinion about how the world works, believe me, I won’t force you not to believe such thing. However, when you put it on the table and say “This is the fact”, then as a rational human being, we have to question that. Why? Because it’s how a scientific method works. This method is very reliable, so reliable that gives us the opportunity to find cure for polio, landed a man on the moon, the internet, lightbulbs, and many other advantages to human society. And you think challenging your faith is an attempt of being a bully? If you think your faith is the truth, of course you won’t be having a trouble explaining it right? It’s not like we say that you are unintelligent blindly right? We only say such thing after a rigourous assessment of your statements. Maybe rude will be a something fitting for a person like me? But a bully who clobber people with no explanation whatsoever, I hope I don’t do anything of such kind.
        In my case, how could you believe something when it is not reliable for you?

  3. Never have argued with someone that ever said that to me, but not all creationist may believe this. It is funny that one would think that, since if we took a page from one my favorite movie series, Jurassic Park, there is no way in hell humans and dinosaurs could have lived in peace. But I let one believe what they want as it is their own a opinion, until said person starts attacking my views in a manor that seems more like a pot shot than a constructed argument that they themselves are willing to defend (which I have yet to see from Lucy).

    Until the time comes that we can duplicate the big bang in miniature form and can be duplicated by anyone, I must point out that I will question the validity of any such research. Just as scientist can barely figure out if something healthy or not, I have a very questionable belief in what they tell us.

    Key reason I try not to say this is a fact, but try to put something out there as an option to one’s opinion. Slamming one person’s view without thinking of how there are other possibilities is conversation suicide. There are bullies on both sides of the line and each one hurts their side’s views. You sir are no such thing as you do not seem like the kind of person who will tell a religious person “I’m right, STFU”. For those that have done this to you, on their behalf, I respectfully apologize. As for clobbering someone for no reason, I doubt Casey Heynes or Fluttershy would let you get very far doing it.

    Just like you I would question it and be doubtful, but still be open to the thought process. Overall I somewhat see religion as a good thing since I have little faith in my fellow man. I look at people and wonder, what if there was no religion? Would that guy helping that old lady across the street really do it for nothing? What keeps most people from saying F it and slaughtering their coworkers for stupidity? I know laws and one’s moral conscious play factors in this, but would they be enough? I honestly think not, but with everything else I can be wrong.

    With that, I must regretfully say that I will be backing away from this intriguing conversation. Tomorrow starts a new work week and my mind must be at ease to deal with the lack of technical knowledge in my workplace. I am not running away because I now have doubts in my own belief, I am stepping away because you are not the person I would like to debate with. My initial post was directed at Lucy to see if she is willing to defend her beliefs in same manor as you, for which I have yet not seen and therefore I do not respect her. You sir on the other hand, I greatly respect and you can be assured that if/when you do respond to this post, I will gladly read it with an open mind.

    With that, I leave one final response to Lucy: May god bless, because I’m Gonna Tolerate & Love The SHIT Outta You.

    BTW, I did the same a Jacob, but my ass is still firmly attached….

    • Actually, there is a theory of how human’s morality works. If you are interested to see a 45 minutes video:

      And if you say Lucy is pot shooting your views, then you must not have seen her previous posts in relation to God. Oh and by the way, we already have the ability to re-create The Big Bang. Ever heard of a large hedron collider? This is an on-going project that will be done in another 10 years:

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