Artbook : Steins;Gate

It’s been quite sometime since i post an artbook for grab.

Saw this a few day ago but my retired computer took like 2 days just to allow me to upload them.

Steins;Gate Visual Works

Download Link :


Steins;Gate Illustrations Collection

Download Link :
Update: This is for those who can’t open page 32 , 38



7 responses to “Artbook : Steins;Gate

  1. i was wondering what these art books were this is just a bunch of CD covers i was planning on getting but it looks like i already have these pics

  2. Guys i have updated the post,
    The error 2 pages are added in below the Steins;Gate Illustrations Collection cover page.
    If there are anymore problems do let me know and i’ll try my best to attend to it :)

  3. i love you for the mediafire link,going to sppor you so please moar artbook ;) also can i request art book? :)

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