Doujin Game: Teng Soldier

From the creator of Katsugeki Kidan, here comes Teng Soldier. This game employs the same concept as the Katsugeki Kidan except that this time you will get to select between 3 characters: Aya Shameimaru, Inubashiri Momiji, or Hatate Himekaido.

Each of the character you chose has different abilities which may or may not be an advantage in conquering the game. If you haven’t played Katsugeki Kidan series before, Teng Soldier is a little bit different from Katsugeki Kidan, where in Teng Soldier it is more of a auto side-scrolling shooting game than a simple platformer.

You can select between three level of difficulty: easy, normal, and hard, according to your style of play. Unfortunately, this game doesn’t come with an English patch so you have to bear not knowing what the story is all about but I will keep a look out if anything can be updated for the game. Also, the only preview video that is available in Youtube is in German.



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