Film Review: Sherlock BBC TV Series (2010)

A quite newly TV series that I’ve been watching is this series on BBC TV. Sherlock, as the name implies, is a story about the popular detective from the same novel adaptation, Sherlock Holmes. He is assisted with John Watson and I supposed I don’t have to describe who he is anymore.

The catch of this TV series is the story of Sherlock Holmes in modern day. So, we could see what Sherlock Holmes brilliant deduction is like when he use modern tools such as internet, mobile phone, or modern biology. It is so interesting to watch this series. I can relate to the story since the plot is close to the world we are living in.

I really think this series has provided with the closest adaptation to the novel version of Sherlock Holmes plus the exciting and relatable storyline. Benedict Cumberbatch plays a brilliant Sherlock Holmes. His attitude and demeanor of a high-functioning sociopath really resembles that is what Sherlock Holmes would be.

Forget about the movie version of Sherlock Holmes which is played by Robert Downey Jr. This series really focus on Sherlock Holmes brilliant deduction, his attitude, and reaction to society. There is no need for excessive action in the film, his demeanor alone can suck up all the atmosphere of the plot and make the story more interesting to watch.

So far, 3 episodes have been broadcasted in 2010 and marks the end of the first season. The second season of this series will be started in early 2012 and I just can’t wait for his next action since the last episode has left me with out of curiosity.


2 responses to “Film Review: Sherlock BBC TV Series (2010)

  1. I saw the first episode of this a while back, thought it was fantastic, I should go find the other episodes of it to watch while I’m at work or something..

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