R.I.P Dennis Ritchie

It’s been 5 days since Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie died and I feel appalled that no one has been posted a tribute in his name. I’m not actually a person who mourns at someone’s death, not even when Steve Job’s death makes different to my life. Yes, I know he is a great businessman and he is brilliant in the gadget he invented (or adapts from someone’s else idea) and I totally have no problem having people mourn his death as a loss of a great human being.

However, how’s the justice made for this splendid guy? If you haven’t heard his name, then you are missing a great man who created the C programming language and one of the co-creator of UNIX operating system. Dennis Ritchie has helped shape the digital era. The C programming language is widely used in the operating system, embedded system, and influence the modern programming language. Without him, Windows, Macintosh, or even Linux won’t even exist in the first place.

Forgive me for sounding sarcastic, but I think it is very hypocritical to honour a talented businessman but not honour this man for his influence in Computer Science. And you know me, I don’t adapt well with hypocrisy. So, let me be the one who balance this blog content by honouring Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie death for his legacy in shaping up our computer technology advancement. May his contribution to the world not forgotten by the people who use computers and technology for granted.

And as an end note, printf(“Goodbye World!”);


9 responses to “R.I.P Dennis Ritchie

  1. Oh wow, this is the first that I have heard of his death. I’ve only heard the name Dennis Ritchie a handful of times, but enough to understand what a great mind he was. With all due respect to Steve Jobs, this is a much more serious loss for the technology front.

  2. It makes me wonder if Dennis died without getting any honor like Nikola Tesla.. I should look into it after my midterms >_<;

    Sorry I have been absent for awhile, taking multiple classes as well as applying to study abroad in Nagasaki =x

    I am sorry Dennis Ritchie for not being aware of your death, you may not be known to today's generation of people who mourn greatly for Steve Jobs, but you were the one who carved a path into technology for most of today's famous/rich people. Hopefully those people will look at their technology and be reminded of the man who made it possible.

    Rest in peace =(

  3. Dude, Dennis Ritchie died? That sucks, it always ticked me off that he didn’t get the credit…I think publicity is a better word, that he didn’t get the publicity he deserved. RIP Dennis, or should I say, dmr! *salutes*

  4. Wow, I step away from the digital worl for a week or so, and this happens. I heard about Steve Jobs, that was everwhere, but not about this. I agree, it’s sad when someone is ignored, when really they should ahve been all over the news.

  5. I applaud you for posting this here. Me and my friends at a forum that is computer-oriented are pretty much raging that Dennis did not get proper recognition for his death, especially looking at all the things he has contributed to us.

    Without him, there would be no Windows, Mac or Linux, since the kernels of all three are coded in C.


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