Touhou Wallpaper Pack 16

I have to apology for the late Touhou wallpaper pack since usually I posted this kind of thing along with the Vocaloid wallpaper pack. However, I do hope the excitement is still there.

Zipped File Download –


6 responses to “Touhou Wallpaper Pack 16

  1. Looks like you uploaded the wrong file or at least the wrong link. The one you posted is for the Vocaloid Pack 16.

    Mistakes happen ;)

  2. Another great Touhou wallpaper pack thanks. Now I finally have some wallpapers from the 3 fairies.

    I hope you will make more of these packs!

  3. Touhou wallpapers: Its something i love to have, but if you are a guy in high school and your parents see your desktop with lolis dressed in funny costumes, it doesn’t end well and stares (not good ones) tends to get thrown around. Like STARES…

    Call it a Guilty Pleasure i guess.

    Btw, nice collection. Yuyu and Patch is still one of my favs.

    • Yea – you got that right.
      *ahem* points out last time’s “accident” when “they” walked in and you had a Patchy touhou wall on your huge screen…

      Btw, I hope you don’t try to attempt the same thing with MLP unless you wanna really die that badly.

      P.s. This rule doesn’t apply to me. =D

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