Google Chrome Theme: Persona 3 Portable

Sigh, I just received a shocking news. I received a letter from Waldorf Frommer Rechtsanwälte for a illegal film download from a P2P application. Yeah, I was very nervous receiving the news, however what I found out is that I have illegaly download a film titled “Tree of Life”. The hell is that? Of all films, I was accused of downloading Tree of Life? Anyway, I have contacted a lawyer to put things in order and I have to call them back on Monday. I hope it goes well, or else I should pay for 956 Euro. Damn it!

Skin Name: Persona 3 Portable

File Size: 1.03 MB

Color Theme: Dark Blue


Note: An explanation about how to use this file can be observed at the Chrome page. Happy downloading!


5 responses to “Google Chrome Theme: Persona 3 Portable

  1. hm, “waldorf frommer” soudns pretty made-up, considering “waldorf” is actually a kind of school many people over here make fun of, so i owuldnt take it too seriously, its most likely just spam or an attemto at phishing.

    • Well, I don’t know. I do a lot of googling and it seems that many people had one of these cases too. In one of the forum, someone said not to ignore it and go to a law firm instead to get the documents checked. So, I call up a law firm in Berlin and they said to me to send the documents to them and call back on Monday. Let’s just hope for the best.

      • well, take care. i hope for the best, then, though really if you didnt do it then theres nothig really they can do, not like they could have any evidence after all.

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