Proofing God Exists: Problem of Evil, Hell, & Free Will

After a quite interesting discussion about refuting God existence in terms of how he is created, it is time to shift a bit to talk about his creations. Usually, the discussion about evil, hell, and free will serves a separate post in most of debunking the existence of God discussion. However, I’m going to squeeze them into one post since these three things are interconnected to the argument that I will present and also free will is the kind of argument that most theist like to use in justifying why God allows evil in this world. So, I might also want to refute that part of argument.

So, let’s start with how God is defined by human beings. I’m asserting how God is defined from three big religions which are Christian, Islam, and Judaism since they have quite a similar agreement in defining their Gods. It is also I’m quite aware of these religions more than others that I have taken a special announcement that I will make my counter arguments based on the claims of these three religions.

A God by definition has to be omnipotent. He has the power to make everything that he will to come into existence. Let’s forget the argument how this come into possibility and accept that God has indeed the resource to do so. Then, God is all-knowing. Nothing or nobody could get slip from his attention. He is the ultimate justice who watch people and bring consequences to their actions. God can’t be fooled since he knows everything about his creation. And lastly, God is benevolence. He loves his creation by giving them blessing upon the earth. He is the provider of sustainable life and he is merciful to his creation who seeks for his love. He promises heaven and guarantees it for whoever believes in him and righteous in his life.

Now, that we grasp what God is and his traits, let’s observe a particular aspect that exists in human’s life, “Evil”. We have no doubt that evil exist in this world. We know that by looking at news of how people get murdered, raped, tortured by other people. This is our deduction to assert that evil does exist in this world. So, what’s God action to justify this? A proponent argument says that God bring disaster to those who do evil. This argument can be confirmed in one of the holy book’s verse depicting how God bring forth flood, fire, and typhoon to those who did evil.

However, I find this argument to be biased. Take an earthquake for example. Why does God’s wrath exists only to those countries which are in the volcano mountains belt zone? I never seen Amsterdam got struck by God’s wrath up until now. If you know, that city legalizes pot-smoking and prostitution. Furthermore, why God has to decide to use a natural disaster to wipe out an entire nation which probably also contains people who are also faithful. If he has the power, why can’t he bring justice to those who are wicked only? This argument brings God to be impotent since he can’t punish the wicked using his divine power, or he is malevolent by letting some evils unpunished.

Another argument that calls for God’s justification is the existence of Hell. Sure, God doesn’t punish the evils in his lifetime, but there will be hell waiting for him in the afterlife as the consequence of his evil deeds. This, however, poses a new complication in God’s traits. First of all, the concept of torture in the fiery blaze in hell, makes God seems so cruel. Just read the holy book and you will get the details of how you will be treated in hell if you ever go to one. This seems very contradicting to God’s command not to torture while no himself has the benefit of torturing people. Let’s not forget that whatever good deeds you have done in your lifetime but ultimately in the end you don’t believe in God, you are entitled to be the dwellers of hell, which to my opinion seems an unfair decision. Furthermore, the notion that you have to undergo an eternal life of punishment for your evil deeds is the very definision of injustice. Because, human life is finite and therefore the number of crimes they commited are also finite. thus, it is not proportionally justice to the amount of punishment he will receive in hell.

Then comes along the issue of free will. Theists like to rebute that God allows evil to exist because He respects free will. He doesn’t want to instill to humans that they have to obey God and make them do so forcefully. However, this contradicts the God’s very trait of all-knowing. If God knows everything about his creation, then by default he has the knowledge of human’s past, present, and future. Therefore, God has already set the destiny of humans whether he will go to heaven or he will go to hell. This is not the basic understanding of free will since God has already know which place you will end up anyway. It’s either that, or you have to admit that God isn’t that all-knowing.


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  1. Very interesting take on this. I watched the video, then read the description about loving someone that doesn’t love you back. But isn’t love an artificial thing that we created? How do you even begin to have emotions for someone that does not share the same? People “love” one another for their own self-interest whether they choose to accept it or not, and that’s a fact.

    Btw great page, this might be my first comment but I’ve followed this page for a while. Keep up the good work!

      • Hey this is the same guy as the one above. This is what the video you posted states: “If you truly love someone, you don’t burn them for eternity simply because they don’t love you back. That’s the sign of a psychotic individual.”

        So it’s saying a person is psychotic if they decide they don’t love someone? Very judgemental imo.

      • No, you are not a psycho if you don’t love someone, watch the video again. It says that if a person wants to burn or kill the individual who doesn’t love him back, then by medical assertion he has a psychosis or mental disorder. This analogy is coherent with God’s decision if humans (which he loves) don’t love him back, then that very humans deserve a place in hell.

  2. Okay, this is different, the only “what-if” I have is an oldy. The part that’s coming from the bible, we can’t be sure about, because its like I said, the bible was written by man and is very old so it is subject to being edited and may not even be true and blah blah blah.

    Now for the important part:
    Personally, if there is a heaven, I believe you don’t have to believe in god to get in, you just have to be a good person. Look at me churches cause I am talking to you, do you mean to tell me that if someone is good their entire life and spreads happiness and joy to those around him/her, your telling me this person will not have a good afterlife just because he doesn’t believe in your god? This is why I don’t like going to church with my catholic family.

    Most important part:
    Heaven and hell, god or not, this shouldn’t have to factor into being a good person. Everyone, everywhere should be a good person, it doesn’t matter what your beliefs are, just that your human. We shouldn’t be a good person because god tells us to, but because we want to do what is right, and if heaven exists, GOODIE, we get in, if it doesn’t, then at least we go out knowing we made the world a whole lot better. Being a good person should not have any justification.

    • But then it still leaves God being injustice because of the eternal punishment in hell for human’s finite evil deeds and the dilemma of God’s all-knowing power against humans’ free will.

      • I wasn’t trying to prove god in my post, plus, c’mon you know I don’t believe in the Judeo-christian god.

      • Oh, sorry about that. It’s just that I was discussing about God in Judeo-christian point of view that I thought you are rebuting my arguments using a Judeo-christian God arguments.

      • Oh don’t worry about it, in hind-sight, I can see why what I said would make someone think that.

  3. First I must say I’m sad all the time there is this post. I dont think it’s necessary for the site, a site created for music, art and entertainment. I entered the blog every day to hear one song and cheer my day. Now, I’m sad. This has make me so sad I’m seriously thinking about leaving you guys for that. ;-;
    Respect, please, even if you dont like it. Dont talk like you knows everything, in base from persons that thinks the same way. Nothing is simple. Nothing is so easy. Hell is not so simple. The sky is not so simple. Life is not so simple.
    With sadness, I read. But I’m not going to respond anything about it, or to understand. I do not want that. No matter what I say, opinions are opinions
    Anyway … I’m sad. i-i I dont want another thing to makes me sad, from a blog a respected so much.
    Good luck, anyway, guys.

    • Now, this blog never said it is dedicated to music, art, and entertainment. As the title said, it’s “Randomness Thing”. It contains things that are random and could be anything. And if you read the subtitle following it, it says “Because something is worth sharing with” and guess what? Opinion is something worth to be shared with.
      Now, I’m sure that Lucy’s post about religion is not something she would use to convert people not to believe in God. I’m sure she puts the post there to share her views about her disbelief in God. And if you told her to respect others who believe in God, then how about you do the same in respecting her not to believe in God?
      Sure you can cover your ears and decide not to see this post. It’s your choice, as we said earlier, we do not force you to read the content that we posted. So, if you want leave the blog because this post makes you sad then feel free to do so. But, don’t expect Lucy to be censored just because you are sad reading one of her content.
      And on that note, let it be clear that there is no restriction for other authors to post something that is completely opposite of Lucy’s views (e.g. Theism). But remember, that I will be a dilligent commentator in that very post ;)

  4. @Nyorujam – It never hurts to have a little heated debate hehe. At the same time I guess we all can agree to disagree. Mahn I was having fun reading everyone’s comments while I was at work today ^_^

    • Yeah, I had to have seen in that way. i-i””” Just imagine someone talking this way about something you really love. But thats ok.
      I talked too much and wished too much in return. I apologize. Im having a very difficult week, friend died, and everything. I think that was my limit. .-.
      I also didnt want to disrespect anyone, but I did, and Im sorry.
      I never wanted to anyone be censored. o-o Ony thing tis one thing, and another its another. Its all my responsabilty to like or dislike something.
      Anyway..Thats it. I wish I was cool about that stuff like Joe D. ^^;

    • Regardless of our difference in opinion and view, when a soul fleets its way, then I will also mourn for him. I’m sure we feel the same way when our love one died so you have my condolescence and may your friend be remembered by the one he loves. Because one can live for eternity when he is remembered by the one he loves.

  5. The argument is forgetting one very important thing, it is not God’s doing that is making all the evil. It’s sin. Free will is simply the ability to choose.

  6. The debated is not whether gods exist or not, but what’s their purpose.

    The christian God was created by man. It’s full of contradictions for that same reason, yet it worked perfectly. The mission: Turn barbarians into ,arguably, decent human beings. The cost: Weak-minded people’s will.

    They were barbarians, telling them, ‘be nice and you will be saved” meant nothing to them. Telling them, ‘be nice or you will be tortured for eternity’ made them think twice about their actions—the ”you will be saved” part was just icing on the cake. Problem is, there are a lot of weak-minded people out there. They need something to believe in, whether this god, the sun, the stars, or whatever. That will not change.

    God is pretty much proven to be a man’s creation. It’s just a matter of time until all of his ‘deeds’ are scientifically proven.

    • Errm, I wouldn’t say perfectly. Remember that slavery was okay in the Bible and there was what you call witch hunting. How about those crusade wars and other wars relating to religion? In my view, religion is evolving to human’s needs. Because you know what? We, humans, can think on our own, without having some God to dictate us. We choose to be nice to one another, we condemn slavery, we help each other, because that’s what makes us human. We may not feel so and tell that it is because God commanded us to do so, but that what makes you human. Humility is a virtue of a human being. So, be proud of yourself…

  7. I would suggest a simple, yet completely complex expansion of one’s idea of ‘God’. Try using Creator instead which implies the creator is the creation and vice versa. We then all ‘God’ as It manifests in search of ‘knowing thyself’, using every opportunity to explore every possibility, not just the ‘good’ and beautiful, but it’s opposite, the ‘bad’ and ugly, otherwise known as the Merciful and Wrathful Names of God. This type of thinking takes one into the mystical branches of any religion or philosophy as all roads lead back to the point of origin… Alpha/Omega… same, thus no time, no space, just one big classroom in the exploration of self-consciousness.

    The limited religious view on ‘God’ is mostly a control mechanism and why most messages from the prophets get tweeked after their death and that of their followers to bend it to the use of the PTB, the hidden controllers of this realm some call Purgatory. It is just a classroom, once you ‘wake up’ and empower your choice between one or the other Names of God, or basic polarities of Being vs NonBeing, then you graduate and leave. That is the origin of the whole 2012 thing found in some form in all ancient literature.. even if the date is just an approximation. Current research has 2014 as the target date of the many cosmic convergences of Mother Nature set to arrive and clean up house, end this classroom’s season of learning so that it can later start anew, after all those not graduating leave, ie, die off.

    There are so many cycles of life and death, alpha and omega. History is full of their footprints in the sands of time, only the PTB (aka, ‘dark side’, 4d STS, Wrathful Name of God, negative polarity, forces of AntiChrist etc) have done the same ‘tweeking’ on them as they have on most ancient texts, some of which they have engineered like the Bible, which almost all biblical scholars know to be the case, as the Roman emperor had it created for his own use in maintaining control of things. Same as the whole ‘terrorist’ thing about 9-11 etc, all false flag ops designed to manipulate the masses, or ‘sheep’ as the Bible refers to them. This is classic mass mind control and is the major stumbling block for those sheep that get close to the fence and start asking too many questions. In the 12th century, regarding these issues on the Torah (which parts later became the Old Testament), Abraham ibn Ezra said this: “And if you understand, then you will recognize the truth. And he who understands will keep silent.”

    “Monotheism itself is the root of violence” Anyone that knows anything about Western history knows this is a simple fact that remains to this very day and they are taught to use their holy books as the very reason for all their evil acts… all in the name of God. But their ‘god’ exists along that negative polarity, the Wrathful Names of God, what some call the forces of darkness or AntiChrist energies, STS etc. All the creation is based in this simple dynamic of opposite energies, polarities best represented in science as positive/north pole vs negative/south pole. One gives as the other takes.

    So IMO, all considerations on the nature of “GOD” need to start off with a better understanding of what this ‘God’ really is or is not. Many use the bible’s analogy of the ‘good’ shepherd vs the ‘evil’ shepherd since the ‘Fall’ from the Garden of Eden, a symbol of historical events last time this ‘wave’ or realm border passed our way, said to arrive again in about 2.5 years, along with all kinds of cosmic crap for those not passing through like Alice Through the Looking Glass into 4d, the next classroom of study for those that graduate.

    All paths lead back to God, as we are all God, everything is, those following the path of negation either switch sides later on or return to do it all again until they do, as in the end, there can be only One. It’s all an illusion of separation, it is true, but for us, here and now, it is a question of how many will wake up and learn to make this choice between the two paths? It is said the number of potential graduates from this classroom is very, very low, but then time is cyclical like all these cosmic events, so the seasons just start over and so does the same class, thus the reason we are said to be in a time loop with deju vu etc occurring due to many dimensional factors that contribute to our apparent ‘amnesia’. Our DNA has been manipulated to keep us as sheep in a pen called Earth that serves the needs of its dark masters. Think Matrix and so many anime and other film projects that attempt to give us a look at the ‘man behind the curtain’ here in Oz or Purgatory, call it what you like. The goal is the awakening of the creator’s self-consciousness within all that exists, just a question of when and where and how.

    Keep asking questions, as they lead to the answers you seek. Seek and ye shall find.
    I would suggest Laura Knight-Jadczyk’s books, website etc as she is the best at compiling all this data from her own and various other sources left for us after all the book/library burnings throughout our history, but in the end, the choice is up to each of us to make for ourselves as we have to learn to discern fact from fiction, truth from lies, the Beautiful from the Wrathful Names/Faces of God.

    I would say ‘good luck’, but luck has nothing to do with it, when you are ready, you will begin your own Grail Quest.

  8. Well, I liked the post, and i liked the ” ramdomly” of the subject. Lucy, you just write in a way that gets me into the text ´till the final word, i mean, i love your posts xD. Oh, and i think that discussing about this requires a lot of courage and strong opinion from you…well, not only this, but the attitude to receive so many critics and not complain about them too. I Guess nobody will ever get to a complete answer about this world, and for sure not about god. The right thing to do would be to get to know the greatest number of opinions and possibles answers you can, and start putting yourself in others´ place before judging and criticising them. And about God, i believe that for all the possibles modifications that the bible may have “suffered”, everyone should find it´s own God, i mean, not like a Superior thing that domain and commands you, but a something/someone that you can rely on in moments of deseperate or lost of hope, moments that you feel like having nothing else to step on before falling.

    Oh, sorry for the terrible english, it´s just that you have a Fan from Brazil Here \o\ (and believe, the majority of people here don´t even know what ” how you´re doing” means…and i´m not insulting anyone here, i´m being realist.)
    Thanks for the site and for the hardworking, keep it like that, i love it o/ *

    • Hey and thank you for your time in reading my entry. I agree that everyone can’t survive on their own and that’s why we need someone who can be relied on. That’s why I’m a fan of humanity since human is much more reliable than God. In my lifetime, I have meet many humans who are amazingly reliable. I have my mom and dad who I love so much, I have met brilliant teachers who gave me knowledge so I can think for myself, I have friends who I can share my stories with. Therefore, I love human beings so much and put my faith on them.

  9. You argument is logical and sound…all in all, it makes good sense.

    Fate vs Freewill is a funny thing. Is humans born with a fixed fate? Kind of like Oedipus’ fate to kill his father then bed his mother? Assuming you’re correct, then isn’t it also aganist god’s belief that everyone should be treated equally and that god favours no-one?

    Then again, one of my friends (he’s christan), believes in freewill, and he claims that the fate is simply an idea conceived from our minds, to drown out our “other side” of the coniscous that opposes our thoughs and actions. This leads me to believe that…just what if…”god” is also a figment of imagination? Is it because our human psyche is so feeble that what Karl Marx had said was true, that no human would every survive in solitary? That god is just an assurance that there is always another physical being watching us to give us strength?

    …Oh dam, i ended up blabbing…
    Anyways, great post Ms.Lucy. Just wanted to toss in my 0.07 cents. (I’ve added inflation…)

  10. Sure, Sure. Number One to Rely On : The people you love and care about. What i meant was that the presence of some superior thing would be just fine in moments of feeling alone, i mean, when you really are alone in a specific situation. But i guess that for someone who has strong feelings, like you, just thinking about all the bonds you built and have in life, and realizing that they MAKE you feel alive,is just enough to don´t give up in harsh situations, no matter what. Don´t Stop writing, Pleaaaase *-*

    • If you met such person who is alone in their life, could you please contact me so I can be his friend? That way he doesn’t have to suffer alone.

  11. Okay, with more people like you in this world, i have sure no God would need to “exist”, or “be created”. It´s not an ironic question, but : Why do you love so much the others, i mean, what happened in your life for you to be so kind with persons you don´t even know? – i´m not complaining, i´m fascinated *-*

  12. Just count how many time you are helped by your friend, shared your laugh and sadness with the people you loved. Then compare it with God. You will find humans are a better companion to hold your trust to than God. Yes, there are also a number of time that we are being betrayed by other people, but in that time, you will also find those who are loyal and will be on your side forever.

  13. Your completely right Lucy. Most religions today have made these idea’s of “hell”, and “god punishes people with natural disasters” and things of that sort. Whats amazing though, is the Bible never once mentions that “hellfire” exists, on top of that, it doesn’t support the claim that God causes these natural disasters either.

    The question is then, if God exists why does he allow suffering? Again, this would take up the whole page, so I’m gonna post some links, I think your gonna find it really interesting, I know I did!

    • Read the articles and it still doesn’t answer the complications arise from Lucy’s argument. If God didn’t cause the natural disaster so then God is not almighty, since it is out of his hand. In the article, God only promise that there would be something which punish evil but how about those people who are already suffered until death? It is not a just action from such God who claim himself as being justice. Then there is no answer if someone doesn’t believe in God but still do good in his life.
      “For with evil things God cannot be tried nor does he himself try anyone”, but God is as guilty as letting those evil spread. Then the article raises issue of freedom of will which already countered by Lucy previously.
      “Do they suffer in Sheol in order to atone for their errors? No, for they “know nothing.””, so now there is no justice at all since those who had done crime doesn’t receive any punishment in the world nor in hell. The argument of God being justice now is annulled. If the dead doesn’t know that they will suffer in hell for our crime, then we might as well don’t give a damn how many crime we do since we won’t suffer in hell anyway.

      • Great questions Kazasou, most of those were actually answered in the articles though, but I suppose I can answer them here? It could be long… Anyway: “If God didn’t cause the natural disaster so then God is not almighty, since it is out of his hand.”

        Not at all, he simply is allowing suffering, for now. He can stop the natural disasters anytime, but as was explained in the final article, an issue was raised waaaay back in the garden of Eden.

        “God only promise that there would be something which punish evil but how about those people who are already suffered until death? It is not a just action from such God who claim himself as being justice”
        Wait you worded this really weird, but are you saying people who have already died? Again this was answered in the final link. God promises to resurrect the dead to a paradise Earth, and all of the injustices they experienced the Bible says “they will remember no more”. I believe that is a Just repayment for all they have been through, don’t you think?

        “’For with evil things God cannot be tried nor does he himself try anyone’”, but God is as guilty as letting those evil spread.”
        Not at all, again this was answered in the article. The issue raised in the garden of Eden? -.- And I quote:

        “How would a loving and capable parent feel if he was publicly accused of lying to his children, abusing his authority over them, and withholding good things from them? Would he disprove those slanderous accusations by physically assaulting his accuser? Of course not! In fact, by reacting in such a manner, he might give credibility to the accusations.

        This illustration helps to explain Jehovah God’s way of handling a challenge raised against him at the dawn of human history in a place called Eden. There God announced to the first two humans, Adam and Eve, a wonderful project for his earthly children. They were to fill the earth, subdue it, and turn it into a global paradise. (Genesis 1:28) Moreover, hundreds of millions of spirit sons of God were keenly interested in this exciting project.—Job 38:4, 7; Daniel 7:10.

        Being a generous God, Jehovah gave Adam and Eve a beautiful garden home with all its delicious fruits. Only one tree was out of bounds for them—“the tree of the knowledge of good and bad.” By not eating from this tree, Adam and Eve would demonstrate their full trust in their Father, recognizing that he had the right to decide what was good and bad for his children.—Genesis 2:16, 17.

        Sadly, though, one of God’s spirit sons, motivated by the desire to be worshipped, told Eve that if she ate the forbidden fruit, she would not die. (Genesis 2:17; 3:1-5) Thus, this wicked angel, Satan, blatantly contradicted God, essentially calling him a liar! Satan also went on to accuse God of withholding vital knowledge from Adam and Eve. Humans, Satan implied, should be able to decide for themselves what is good and what is bad. Simply put, Satan accused God of being an unfit Ruler and Father and implied that he, Satan, could do a better job.

        By means of those cunning and malicious lies, the angel made himself Satan the Devil. These names mean “Resister” and “Slanderer.” What did Adam and Eve do? They sided with Satan, turning their backs on God.—Genesis 3:6.

        Jehovah could have destroyed the rebels on the spot. But, as mentioned in our illustration, such issues cannot be settled by violent retaliation. Keep in mind too that when Satan challenged God, millions of angels were listening. In fact, a significant, but undisclosed, number later joined Satan in his rebellion, making themselves demons.—Mark 1:34; 2 Peter 2:4; Jude 6.
        Why Has God Not Intervened?

        By seducing Adam and Eve into choosing independence from their Creator, in effect, Satan founded a family that was not truly independent but under his authority. Influenced, knowingly or unknowingly, by their “father,” the Devil, this family would choose its own goals and standards of conduct. (John 8:44) But would that way of life bring them true freedom and lasting happiness? Jehovah knew full well that it would not. Still, he allowed the rebels to pursue their independent course, for only in this way would the issues raised in Eden be fully settled for all time.

        For over 6,000 years now, mankind has built a world system of things, trying all kinds of rulership and codes of conduct. Are you delighted with the result? Is the human family truly happy, peaceful, and united? Clearly, the answer is no! Instead, wars, famines, natural disasters, sickness, and death have plagued mankind, causing “futility,” “pain,” and “groaning,” just as the Bible states.—Romans 8:19-22; Ecclesiastes 8:9.

        Still, some may ask, ‘Why has God not prevented tragedies?’ Really, that would be an injustice, and it would cloud the issue by making it seem that rebelling against God is without consequence. Hence, Jehovah has not been behind the scenes preventing all the crimes and tragedies that result, directly or indirectly, from disobedience to him.* Jehovah would never be party to the harmful lie that Satan’s system can succeed, that it has found the key to happiness! Nevertheless, Jehovah has not been indifferent to events. In fact, he has been very active, as we shall now see.”

        And to finish it up: ““Do they suffer in Sheol in order to atone for their errors? No, for they “know nothing.””, so now there is no justice at all since those who had done crime doesn’t receive any punishment in the world nor in hell”
        What was the punishment God said would happen if Adam and Eve sinned? Death. So that is the punishment, revoking the gift of life. Its quite just. If God is love, then why would he burn people forever in a hellfire?


      • Again, the ‘devil is in the details’.
        It comes down to one’s definition of ‘God’. If ‘God’ is everyone and everything, then there is no problem, just not understanding, and that is because knowledge is missing. There’s another saying that then applies, ‘the more you learn, the more you learn how little you know.’

        All kinds of ‘evil’ can be done in ingorance and/or greed. ‘They know not what they do.’

        If all is the creator seeking to know itself, then we are all connected as quantum physics with an open system relates to. Science can be used to explain the mysterious if allowed to, but usually political considerations of controlling the herd get in the way… purposely. Libraries get burned so those few sheep waking up and questioning the nature of ‘evil’ in their world can be led astray, confused and distracted from finding the truth.

        Seek and ye shall find. The Grail Quest awaits all who seek. We live in a ‘world’ of opposites. Without lies, we would have trouble experiencing truth. Without evil, we would have trouble knowing ‘good’ etc. That which IS, uses that which IS NOT, as a blank canvass upon which to learn about itself, who and what it is. All said to be the lessons of self-conscious awareness needed to wake up and choose which direction one feels is right for them to follow on their path of seeking reunion with all that IS. The problem of evil, hell and free will intersect in this dynamic growth of self-awareness. It supplies the fuel to the flame of inner reaching from the conscious to sub-conscious, our connection to truth, creator or whatever you want to call it.

        If you read the mystics, etc, they claim that the ‘world’ is perfect just the way it is. The problem for us is understanding WTF they are talking about because we don’t have that connection like they do and those that explain it don’t either… usually. The message gets lost in translation, diluted and mismanaged…. or just plain destroyed on purpose by those pretending to be ‘helping us’, like the USA in its current imperial growth designs in the Middle East and around the world. We serve as the necessary evil to bring the catalyst of spirit to the world. Those of us that don’t support these imperial evil ways have to speak out and take a stand or remain silent and thereby give up our free will to them by default. It seems different, but it is the same test of spirit and consciousness. These ‘wars’ and tests can be found in our daily lives as we ‘look the other way’ like Paterno at Penn State or in so many churches etc. The very fact that you are questioning these things is a sign of such seeking and awakening, most aren’t doing this.

        The more you understand, the more you learn that we essentially exist in ‘Purgatory’ and there is nothing ‘wrong’ with Purgatory, its a necessary ‘evil’ so that friction can be applied to get people to ‘wake up’ so that they can see the need to choose one path or the other… just like with Harry Potter and so many children’s literature. The more informed one gets, the more informed that choice becomes, we learn to ‘let go’ of the baggage of past emotions and attachments, obsessions etc so that we can see clearly and make the ‘right’ choice for ourselves in our lives. That ‘evil’ exists for a reason, and not all of it is conscious… ie, psychopaths that are genetically programmed for that deathly viral type activity that destroys themselves in the process.

        There is a method to the madness, most of which is explained with the quote: ‘Knowledge Protects, Ignorance Endangers.’

        When you no longer ‘fit’ here in Purgatory, it is time to leave, and that path is usually through the pain of waking up and seeing the nature of ‘evil’ around us as it seeks to control us, mind, body and soul…. all based in free will. If you don’t know you have it, ‘they’ will steal if from you so that you never learn anything about it. It’s what ‘they’ do, that is their path. Others seek the path of truth and freedom for themselves and others, but allow them to choose for themselves.

      • “I believe that is a Just repayment for all they have been through, don’t you think?”. If they believe in the same God as you do, it might.
        “Would he disprove those slanderous accusations by physically assaulting his accuser?Of course not! In fact, by reacting in such a manner, he might give credibility to the accusations”. But yet, he does:
        So will I send upon you famine and evil beasts, and they shall bereave thee: and pestilence and blood shall pass through thee: and I will bring the sword upon thee. I the Lord have spoken it. (Ezekiel 5:17)
        Then shall ye know that I am the LORD, when their slain men shall be among their idols round about their altars, upon every high hill, in all the tops of the mountains, and under every green tree, and under every thick oak, the place where they did offer sweet savor to all their idols… So will I stetch out my hand upon them, and make the land desolate… and they shall know that I am the LORD. (Ezekiel 6:13-14)
        For behold, the Lord will come with fire, and his chariots, like the whirlwind, to render his anger with fury…(Isaiah 1 6:15)
        …and all the cities thereof were broken down at the presence of the Lord and by His fierce anger. (jeremiah 4:26)
        Woe unto us! Who sahll deliver us out of the land of these almighty Gods? These are the Gods that smote the Egyptians with all manner of plagues in the wilderness. (Samuel 4:8)
        Anyway, about the Adam and Eve story. God told them don’t eat the fruit without giving any knowledge why can’t they eat the fruit. God expect them to trust him which to me seems a bit like the definition of a blind faith. Even I know, that kind of education is not a good education given from the parent who is loving. In anyway, Adam and Eve’s sin are not because they are evil, it is because they don’t know why they can’t do it. They don’t have a moral understanding to differentiate if that is a bad thing to do.
        @Gdpetti again, mate. Please talk something that is coherent and using simple English. I have no fucking clue what you are talking about.

  14. ….Ok hopefully my comment doesn’t get deleted because for some strange reason it got deleted in another one of your articles so…. Yeah

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