Desktop Goodies: Neptune Rainmeter

I almost forgot to publish this… Will post the second one tomorrow unless somebody wants it now. This skin is based off the game Hyperdimension Neptunia. It is the first of two that I have made. The picture is Neptune the alternate form of Purple Heart. I do not actually own the game although I really want to get it. Unfortunately it is only for PS3 and I do not own a PS3. I thought this character looked adorable so here she is, enjoy!

Skin Name : Neptune

File Size : 216 KB

Color Theme : Purple, Black, & Pink

Download :

Note: Installation and usage of this skin can be observed on the Rainmeter section. Happy downloading!


6 responses to “Desktop Goodies: Neptune Rainmeter

  1. She sure is adorable =)
    I played the game, however I kinda slacked off from it.
    I heard the sequel is looking pretty good though~

    I don’t know.. I never actually made Rainmeters before but, can you add options to display temperatures of your video card? o_O;

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