Desktop Goodies: Yasumi Watahashi Rainmeter

Hi everyone! I will begin by saying this is the most advanced skin I have made so far. I actually put a decent amount of effort into this one. This skin will be the one I use until I make a better one with more features. The picture is the adorable Yasumi Watahashi. The CPU bar is actually a white silhouette of Yasumi, that fills in blue as the percent changes. This skin has volume control, my first one to have that. It has the up and down arrows that increase/decrease the volume by 1% and it has the standard mute button. I added the shuffle and repeat buttons now. Each of the bars is based off a color on Yasumi’s outfit or face. I personally think the picture is cute. I really like Yasumi. Oh if you happen to not know who Yasumi is, I highly recommend reading the latest Haruhi Suzumiya light novels. This skin includes a lot of things that I am not used to using yet, so if you have any problems with it please tell me. I am a big fan of feedback on my work and I will try to fix whatever problem that you find with this skin. I should have waited to post this skin tomorrow but I am excited that I finished it. Hope everyone enjoys the skin! :)

Skin Name : Yasumi Watahashi

File Size : 188 KB

Color Theme : Mostly Blue Gradients, Some Red &White

Download :

Note: Installation and usage of this skin can be observed on the Rainmeter section. Happy downloading!


13 responses to “Desktop Goodies: Yasumi Watahashi Rainmeter

  1. I am actually curious, which part of the picture? I might be able to fix it and reupload. The picture was originally much larger than it is now so stretching should not have been an issue.

  2. Yasumi Watahashi pic one, it looks like it’s up and down part was stretched

    can you show us which original pic you are using?

  3. I must have not had the keep aspect ratio thing clicked when I resized it :( this might be a little while I don’t have photshop so I have to take her out of the original picture again

    • then what you’re using for editing up until now?

      for keeping the aspect ratio, u can use Microsoft Picture Manager (if you have whole Microsoft Office App) to resizing pic

      • Thank you for pointing out the error I probably would have never noticed. I really do appreciate it. I like feedback good or bad on my stuff.

  4. I am using paint lol Paint.NET actually. I also had to fix the date string, it went over onto yasumi when the weekday word was too long to fit in the box

    • ahhh, PAINT.Net, i ever had it but haven’t try it too long

      well, that far I can only point it out, for error of coding problem idk much, since I didn’t using Rainmeter often :P
      but glad to be help

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