Film Review: Crows Zero

Another good film adaptatation from the manga series is Crows Zero. I would dare say that Crows Zero might be on par with Beck Live Action in terms of how well the story is executed although it is a very different story genre.

Crows Zero so far has two series which was released on 2007 and 2009. So, this film is a little bit old and I just watched it the other day and completely amazed. Have you ever watched Fight Club? Well, that film can just eat its shit up compared to this film.

Crows Zero starts with a story in Suzuran High School, which is a school full of delinquents. When I say full delinquents, I don’t mean one or two gangs in school. I mean all the entire students are delinquents and always fighting each other.

Among those delinquents, there is a transfer student named Takiya Genji, who is a son of a Yakuza boss named Takiya Hideo. The reason why Takiya Genji wanted to transfer to Suzuran is so that he can conquer it and be the leader of Suzuran. In order to conquer the school, Genji must defeat the top person in Suzuran, Serizawa Tamao, who may in first impression doesn’t look like a badass delinquent.

So now, Genji’s life of full fighting to conquer Suzuran begins. For you who are searching for a good fist fighting action, Crows Zero is the perfect movie for you. It provides you with violence and blood which is wrapped with wicked fights between students.

However, this movie also offers a bit of friendship and romance which is sweet but not until it ruins the awesomeness of the original intention of the film. I have to say that I will give this film a high recommendation to watch as you will gain an exciting entertainment from it.


2 responses to “Film Review: Crows Zero

  1. U Know I finally got a copy of this. I am so disapointed in myself for not grabiing this sooner. This just hit #4 on my all time movie list. My wife loved it as well. This was an Amazin Movie. Can you recomend any others. Does not have to be this genre, but man was this good. And yes, Fight Club has nothing on this!!!

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