Desktop Goodies: Azusa Nakano Neko Animated Battery Meter

I am experimenting with a lot of different things in Rainmeter right now. I decided to experiment with both animation and battery status on the same skin. The picture is the .gif image of Azusa Nakano that was posted somewhere (I think it was on the Rainmeter page) on the blog. I liked the picture but I decided to edit the hand out of it and I made a taiyaki to replace the hand. Then I made the plate out of circles and added the taiyaki and/or color as needed. There are two versions of this skin the “Color” version has a plate of taiyaki that changes colors based off battery level. The starting color is green then yellow then orange and finally red. The “Disappear” version has basically the same plate of taiyaki without color and the taiyaki get “eaten” as the battery level goes down. Both version display the percentage of battery and if it is charging or not, at the bottom of the plate. Since this is a completely experimental skin, please tell me any problems you find with it. Yes I know the screen shot does not have numbers on all the plates that would have taken forever to let my battery basically die to get the screen shots. Hope you enjoy the new skin!

Skin Name : Azu-nyan Animated Battery Meter

File Size : 267 KB

Color Theme : Black, White, Brown, & Green/Yellow/Orange/Red

Download :

Note: Installation and usage of this skin can be observed on the Rainmeter section. Happy downloading!

I am reposting this now that I fixed it sorry about the error guys. I am sure that it works now through more intense testing and it actually shortened the code a lot. I am very annoyed at my simple mistake. Hope you like the now working version of my skin. If you find an error that I didn’t catch please let me know, Thank you.


15 responses to “Desktop Goodies: Azusa Nakano Neko Animated Battery Meter

  1. Thank you. This one took a lot of custom photo making and editing. I am happy with it overall. Hopefully it doesn’t have any serious bugs with it. Also was I supposed to add the Saya Calendar to the Rainmeter list? I did it without really thinking about it even though the skin was not created by me.

  2. Idk if it’s just me, but when the battery drops lower than 66/67%, the bowl just disappears for both versions.

    • When did you download the skin? If it was when I first posted it this skin had a lot of problems but I think I fixed all of them. But I am still learning how to program Rainmeter skins so there could be one that I missed.

    • I have an idea on how to fix it I will let you know when I do. Sorry for the problems with the skin I knew it was risky to release an experimental skin that I had never tried before. Hopefully I can get it working and then I will know how to do more of this kind of skin.

    • Fixed it I uploaded the correct file now. I had to change the way I did it but it works now. Sorry for the problems I really was experimenting with this skin so I was not sure if I could get it to work.

  3. The problem I am having was when I first installed it, it had the battery percentage at the bottom and now when I keep trying to get it to work, it won’t display battery percentage

    • I will look into it when I get off work. What version of rainmeter do you have? It had been such a long time since I worked with rainmeter, I am not sure what the latest version is. The problem may have something to do with updates, I will need to check.

      • To answer your question I have the latest version of rainmeter and I keep trying but it won’t work. I think the version is 3.01 and thank you for looking into it

      • I figured it out… in the ini file for the skin in the variables section there is a variable called FontSize=8 but it should say FontHeight=8. I am not really sure how the variable name was changed. I will give a better explanation when I get the chance. I thought I should let you know that I figured out what the problem was.

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