Desktop Goodies: Animated Walking Rainmeter Collection Version 1

I really liked the walking Rainmeter so I am starting a new collection pack for them. I will post a collection every 3 to 5 skins that I add depending on how many I can find or have made at the time. This collection only has 3 walking Rainmeters. Each skin has a top and bottom version so they will walk on either the top or bottom of your screen. The first skin is the Squid Girl skin that I posted a few days ago but I added the top of the screen version. The other two are Hakase Shinonome from Nichijou (you can blame the Same! AMV for that one lol).

This collection has the following three walking rainmeters: HakaseSlideTop, HakaseUmbrellaWalkTop, SquidGirlWalkTop, HakaseSlideBottom, HakaseUmbrellaWalkBottom, and SquidGirlWalkBottom [after this post I am only going to say the name of the skin without the top or bottom part added to the end]

I will now make a request. If anyone has a gif image, a link to a gif image, or something like a gif image that can be converted to something that looks like this  please post it on one of my collections or email it to me. I will convert it to a Rainmeter animation and add it to the next collection if I can get it to work.  Hope you like the collection even if it is tiny right now. Enjoy!

Also what I mean by my post I mean GeassDZ posts and if you can on only on the ones that deal with the walking skins that way I can keep track of request easier. Technically as long as the author of the post is GeassDZ you can post it there. I will get the email at so that is fine too.

Skin Name : Walking Animation Pack

File Size : 86 KB

Color Theme : Mixed?

Download :

Note: Installation and usage of this skin can be observed on the Rainmeter section. Also, please support our blog by disabling adblock and clicking the advertisement that is shown here. Your contribution in clicking the advertisement will benefit the blog so we can improve a lot of things in the blog. Happy downloading!


19 responses to “Desktop Goodies: Animated Walking Rainmeter Collection Version 1

    • Considering how long ago I made this, I am not sure about it. I do remember that there was a weird issue if the second screen was set up to be on the left side or something like that. It could also be a change in the code for Rainmeter. They added a lot of new things and I am not sure if it would affect this Rainmeter. I will test it out on my desktop and let you know what I find out.

    • Are you monitors different sizes by chance? If they are I know why it does not work. I am not 100% sure if I can fix it just yet because I do not know if Rainmeter supports what I need to do. They have changed so much since I made a program.

    • I believe that I have found a way to fix the problem (at least it works on my computer). I need to know a few things before I know for sure. First, are you monitors different sizes? Second, are you using the top or bottom running ones? Third, will you have more than 2 monitors?

  1. Hi GeassDz!

    I’ve download it and it works! Thank you so much!

    I have a favor to ask, can you make an Aioi Yukko walking animation of the ending? I would be extremely grateful if you can make one. I don’t know exactly how to take a gif image or what program to use to make one. I’ve search for tips online on how to and I’m slowly learning the ways to take a gif image.

    I’ll be waiting for reply. :D

    • When you say you want Aioi Yukko, I assume you mean Aioi Yuuko from Nichijou or is it another character? The method I use to make the animated skins is not really making GIF images, it is more like tearing them apart and taking the pieces. If you look at the squid girl picture in the post it is made of 6 images of the squid girl that are combined into one picture in a long row. The GIF I used for that skin had 6 “frames” to make her walk. I remove the background and string them together to get the image the skin uses.
      I can make one but I do not know how long it will take due to busy schedule right now. I have 8 screenshots in this folder which are what I would use to make the skin: I need to remove the backgrounds, resize the images for proper alignment, combine them into one image and then make the skin.

      • Y-yeah! Exactly! Can’t believe I made a mistake on her name, my bad. Don’t worry, I won’t rush you. Take your time! Just tell me your estimate time on finishing the skin and I will wait for it. :D

        I’m so excited right now. I’ll be surely be checking for updates everyday.

    • I will update the image files as they progress. The images are more annoying than I originally thought since the colors blend together. Do you happen to have Photoshop or have experience with editing photos? It would speed up the process if multiple people help render the images. If you do not that is fine, it just takes a little longer. On a side note what height would you like the images to be? I am guessing around the same size as the other walking animations.

      • Hi GeassDZ. Glad to hear from you.

        I just got Photoshop a couple of days ago and I’ve been practicing using it, well.. for making GIF image. I also tried to edit an image by removing their background and so far my brain overheats from trying to do so. Sorry, I’m still a newbie. :(

        For the height of the image, yes, I want it to be like the other walking animation and.. I’m sorry if I cause you hardship in any way.

    • I uploaded new pictures. I am not sure about the edges but I think once I shrink the image down to final size it will look better. I am not used to Photoshop CS6 considering I had Photoshop Elements. The quick select tool is amazing and speeds up the entire process. Anyway I will probably upload the small version of the new images so you can see final output. If you think the edges look bad on the small images let me know.

      • I looked at the pictures you’ve uploaded. You did a good job! About the edges, It’s okay, I don’t have any problem with it at all.

    • I believe the skin is finished. I need you to test it on your computer and let me know. The zip file is on the same website as the images:
      I can adjust the speed and size of the skin so if it is too slow or too big let me know. Also it will have issues with multiple screens if the screens are not the same size. I can fix that if needed.

      • Hi!

        I’ve tested it and it works! It works~!

        About the Speed and Size, the speed needs to be adjusted so she walks smoothly(as close as possible) like the Hakase walking animation. The size, it’s a bit big for my screen ( resolution is 1366 x 768, probably should have mention it earlier, Gomennasai~.) .. ehe.. just in-case, I need you to make two version of it, Version A, reduce the size by 30% and Version B, where the size should be the same as the Hakase walking animation. :D

        Regarding the current one I have, I will keep it just in-case I decided to buy a PC.

        Other than that, everything looks Amazing! Superb! Fantastic! Subarashii!

        I’m sorry if I sound too demanding, Gomennasai~ *Bow*

    • I have uploaded another version of the file. Let me know if it looks right now. As for the speed that is not really an exact thing for the Rainmeter animations. What you can do if the new speed is still not fast enough: right click on the skin and change the Update=300 to Update=(number that is less than 300) to speed up the change.

  2. Hi, Afternoon!

    You did a very good job, everything is perfect. I’d shake you hands if it is possible but a virtual *High Five* will do. In the near future, I’ll probably be making a few more requests that is If it is okay with you. :D

    Anyway, I very much love your work, Arigatou Gozaimasu!

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