Happy Thanksgiving Minna!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Even for those of you who don’t celebrate, at least think about all the things you’re thankful for!

As for myself, I will try to blog more frequently from now on for you guys. I realize I’ve been neglecting my duties as an author lately.

Here are some Thanksgiving (food and family related) images! Please stay safe and have fun on this holiday!



7 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving Minna!

  1. …My thanksgiving already passed one month ago, around the beginning of October… >___>

    Oh well, everybody has different dates on their calendars. Nevertheless, I also wish a happy thanksgiving to all those who haven’t celebrated it yet (I know mine this year sucked).

    Hey, don’t feel so bad about being inactive. So far, I’m probably the worst offender out of everyone here…orz.

  2. In my country we don’t have Thanskgiving :( But well, happy thanksgiving day to everyone ;D
    I’m waiting for some christmas wallpaper pack xD

    Btw. this is great blog xP You are something like a Santa Claus that works whole year xD

  3. Oh fine, have your way with it. Now let’s see if he comes back then…*goes to sit around and wait patiently* Oh shoot, I should probably make that blog post while I wait.

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