Desktop Goodies: Sexy Neko Girl Rainmeter

Now for my new skin. It was the only name I could think of for this skin lol. I included volume control with this one. The collar with the bell was a pain to make but I enjoyed doing it in the end. This one was fun to customize hope you like it. Enjoy!

Edit: Had to redo the image I lost quality when I tried to flip the image over so I had to make it like this hope you like this new version. Enjoy again lol!

Skin Name : Sexy Neko

File Size : 199 KB

Color Theme : Pink, Purple, & Black

Download :

Note: Installation and usage of this skin can be observed on the Rainmeter section. Happy downloading!  Also, please support our blog by disabling adblock and clicking the advertisement that is shown here. Your contribution in clicking the advertisement will benefit the blog so we can improve a lot of things in the blog. Happy downloading!


9 responses to “Desktop Goodies: Sexy Neko Girl Rainmeter

  1. Although I commend you for the creativity of the design, the image of the neko girl seems to be not cleanly masked. Also, the border seems to be blurred and jaggy.

    • Really… hmm when I get back on campus I will see if I can clean her up more. I might have accidentally hit undo or something when I was fixing her.

    • Is this version better? I had to get rid of the horizontal flipped over image and replace it with the original image. Also this might be a dumb question but what do you mean by masking lol. I am not exactly experienced when it comes to photo editing in fact I really had not done any photo editing before I joined this blog.

    • Masking is the process of cropping the image or in this case to remove the white background which leaves only the image of the character itself. This time the character looks better although the menu needs a smoothing on the borders. It seems jaggy but acceptable at the moment.

      • Yeah, the menu border seems a little bit jaggy but it’s okay. Plus, this might be due to my subjective opinion, but the layout seems a little bit chaotic and the skin itself is too big. I usually limit my skin to 300 x 300 pixels but I don’t know, that’s just my opinion.

  2. So that is your overall size I never really thought to ask how big these things normally are. hmm yeah it is a little big… I will leave this one alone but the one I am working on right now with the same set up will be smaller. When you say chaotic you mean the collar? I guess it could be too much I went overboard with it by adding the buckle and the belt holes. I am always experimenting to see what people like. I should take this more seriously I guess, this is all just playing around for me. I do try to fix whatever problems people ask me to fix as soon as I can.

    • What I meant was you leave many empty space in the skin. If you see the menu and the character, you’ll see a white space gap between gap which to me seems to be a little bit wasted. Not that I encourage skin to be tight one of another, but in this case, the gap were just excessive, it feels the menu and the character are two separate things.

  3. Yeah that is originally why I flipped the image over but that made the image lose quality. I don’t know what to do with this one. I am having a hard time with the second design made with a slightly edited menu box. I think I am going to say failed design and delete them both. I will see what the next one looks like and then decide whether I want to delete them or not.

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